Update- French Government Has Euthanized Vincent Lambert

This is an update to this story.

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  1. Some day those responsible are going to have to stand before GOD. GOD is going to ask “What did you do with all the gifts I gave you to become a doctor?” “Well, I didn’t become an abortionist” is not going to cut it.

  2. at this point I have to shamefully state, that in the annals of Western Civilization, Adolph Hitler was ahead of his time

  3. @ Molon Labe – btw the Nazees got their ideas from the Eugenicists from the good ole USA.

  4. another point: why did the US spend countless treasure & lives in ‘liberating’ Europe? would they be better off today than under different totalitarian regimes that killed innocents? is Spain better off without Franco? is Germany better off w/ the government’s policy of rampaging Muslims? is France? Belgium? the Netherlands? Sweden?

    history plays out the same, every time … & we never learn

    @ gen. glover ~ yep!

  5. P.Trump should call in the French Ambassador and tell him to get the hell out. They (His country) just killed a man who was not ready to die.
    And then he should bring Tommy R. here to keep him from being killed in prison. As a big F.U. To the Brits.
    Europe is so very screwed up, and they keep inviting more death into their midst,while they kill there own.
    But, I know he can’t because of planned parenthood.
    This is what the left has planned for us,make no mistake about it.

  6. Despicable

    The Brits are shits but they have a good saying about the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys across the Channel; “the Wogs start at Calais”

  7. The precious post about him said that his WIFE and six out of eight siblings wanted him to die…

    Why? Was he a terrible person? Is his life insurance policy a high payout?

    Why was this man systematically murdered? For what reason did he HAVE to die?

  8. This is what “Medicare For All” will look like you damn Democrats. Murder by abortion and murder by forced euthanasia to control costs.

    The Left loves their death panels.

  9. Hell, they’re gonna euthanize most of us when they release a pandemic ‘for the good of Mother Earth’ and go into their bunkers in the Alps to wait it out

  10. Look, the Founders ran from Europe to be free from tyranny. What’s to expect from these swamp assholes?

  11. If you starve and deny water to your family dog you will be charged, rightly, with animal cruelty.

    This what socialism looks like, Bernie. This is Medicaid for All, Kamala. Defend it.

  12. The sad part is that this (fundamental) fact of socialized “medicine” will never be discussed at the “Debates” – Demonrat OR Republicrat.

    Death at the hands of tyranny is a simple matter of fact to those who volunteer to be slaves – they’ll hang their heads and shuffle along awaiting their turn.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. When Hitler overran France there were lots of frogs
    happy to be Nazi collaborators. You can see things
    havent changed.

  14. I’ve always been puzzled why lefties see the Europeans as so evolved. I see nothing about finding their fellow humans so disposable as being socially superior.
    Actually I’m puzzled only in that the left has so little appreciation for our more advanced culture.

  15. Questions: (1) Do you want to die of forced starvation under orders of the government or do you (2) want to water the tree of liberty via the 2nd amendment?

  16. Should change my alias to “Last Poster”

    It occurs to me that having had over a dozen surgeries (one ten weeks ago) with many revisions, replacements or removals I wonder when the socialized medicine would have said, “Sorry, your not worth the expenditure!” Believe being past seventy years of age and past seven figures in cost I ain’t worth spending anymore money on.

    Frankly there are days when I would agree with them…


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