Dunce actress hasn’t connected actor salaries to popularity

Salma Hayek said she will be “hated for saying this,” when in actuality she will be laughed at.


Actress Salma Hayek has a message for her male counterparts claiming to be pro-“equality”: It’s time to take some pay cuts.

“Time’s up. You had a good run but it is time now to be generous with the actresses,” Hayek told a Women in Motion talk at the Cannes Festival, where she led a group of women down the red carpet in a march of MeToo/Time’s up solidarity.

“If actors ask such inflated fees it will leave nothing for actresses,” she said, AFP reports. “If the movie’s budget is $10 million, the actor has to understand that if he is making $9.7 million, it is going to be hard for equality. Otherwise they will kill the movie.”


No, Salma, YOU have to understand that if a particular actor is the reason movies they are in are successful you don’t deserve the same amount of money. It doesn’t work that way.

If for some reason some up and coming actress is chosen to star alongside Tom Hanks in his next movie, she does not deserve to ride the coattails of Tom Hanks’ box office success and command the same salary.

As long as scale wages are the same for men and women then what’s the problem?

This is why women should never be allowed into men’s sports. Salma Hayek would be demanding the same amount of money Mike Trout is making.

Maybe Salma should invest some of the money she makes for some speech lessons. She’d make more at the box-office if I could understand what the hell she is saying.

On a side note-

In the clip below Samuel L. Jackson laughs at the notion that Donald Trump asked Salma Hayek to go out on a date, as if the juxtaposition is laughable.

Ahhahhahahahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaathis is her husband—>


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  1. The liberals are still complaining about how Clark Gable was paid millions for his role in Gone With The Wind, while Vivian Leigh got $125,000.

    They say the industry has always discriminated against women. What they don’t see and acknowledge is that Gable was a huge star and box-office draw and had already appeared in many films. Leigh was a virtual unknown in 1939, and could not be counted on as a box-office draw.

    It’s all to do with the free market, which liberals refuse to understand. The black markets that pop up in controlled economies are the truly free markets.

  2. Same old leftist train of thought, I’m a victim, it’s not fair, capitalism is exploitive, blah blah. Your stupid ideas only create mutual misery for everybody. Why don’t you try and figure out how to get a leading roll like many other Hollywood sluts have done.

  3. If she did turn Trump down for a date, I bet Trump is darned grateful now that he dodged that bullet.

  4. And then the utility infielders in MLB will demand the same pay as the Cy Young Award-winning star pitcher.

  5. @Leftism is Sedition in the USA May 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    >Why don’t you try and figure out how to get a leading roll like many other Hollywood sluts have done.

    She could have copied Rose McGowan’s method of landing a role – shove the boobs in the producer’s side and when he invites you to his hotel room, you say “Sure, what’s your room number”?

  6. In once read that Veronica Lake was the HIGHEST paid star in Hollywood during the 40’s. How come she could do it then but these “artists” today can’t?

    Of course by the early 1960s she was working as a barmaid at a Holiday Inn.

  7. Salma Hayek is about twenty years past her sale date.
    She was so lucky that she landed that role in “From Dusk to Dawn” or nobody would know who she is.

  8. No one understand wtf she’s saying and maybe that’s why she’s not landing big roles. But she did land on an old white billionaire though, didn’t she?

    Why doesn’t she just mind her own business and let the Hollyweirdos arrange their own contracts? Or here’s an idea: tell her meal ticket to buy her a studio and she can pay the actresses endless amounts of money.
    Also, STFU.

  9. OMG Penelope Cruz is another one. LOL. She’s from Spain and no one understands her either. (where is she, btw?)
    There’s also that chick from south America who’s on Modern Family.
    Can’t understand her, either. But when I can, she’s actually kinda funny. And maybe that’s why she’s on TV and you’re not, Salmon.

  10. I heard the girls in “adult” movies make more than the men.

    So we’re even, right Salma?

  11. Her push up bra must have cut off oxygen to her brain.

    Wow, her looks faded fast. Her latest photo with POS Jackson could be any housekeeping lady at a rundown Motel 6 in some depressed section of South Carolina.
    So much for “star quality”.

    Even the glamor photo with Chinless Hubby— she looks like a taco truck lady trying her hand at weekend hooking.
    Hey, if her daughters are all getting $50 a night, why not #metoo ?

  12. She reminds me of a truth about men: There are just as many men who prefer smaller [or at least, normal] breasts as larger.

  13. I didn’t know she was this dumb. Yee

    Selma will never get it because she sees wealth as a static amount that gets spread around. How it gets replenished as time goes on is beyond her, but she is convinced that if she makes more next year someone else HAS to make less. The fact she thinks she and all actors are equal commodities stems from this perception of a static “wealth pie” and how she thinks it works.

    This basic, fundamental way of seeing things from a perspective of scarcity instead of abundance is at the heart of it. This is what needs to flip with her.

    Ask any honest successful entrepreneur which perspective he/she embraces and seeks to make happen.

  14. @Tony R May 16, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    >Maybe Selma’s agent could explain it to her.

    She’ll interrupt him:

    Fok ju! Don ju geeve me nun jor white-ass greengo jive-sheet, Meester. Jus’ gimme the more dolares, ju know, greengo?

    What ees thees ec-numics bool-sheet? Ju geeve me any more jor bool-sheet, greengo, I keel ju. An FOK ju. Ju mama!

  15. @Gladys May 16, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    >I bet Trump is darned grateful now that he dodged that bullet.

    Was it just one bullet? I thought it was two big torpedoes.

  16. Brad for the win. Storm in a D cup. Hollywood is full of liberal morons who tout lefty ideas, but the industry itself is staunchly capitalist and won’t do anything that doesn’t get them a nickle more than they paid into it. They might ooh and ahh over her “bold” claims, but no one is going to pay her more than she can rake in – period. Just ask her if she got paid as much as her laughing buddy Samuel L. Jackson got in “the Hitman’s Bodyguard” (she played his insane wife). Funny, she’s not lambasting him…


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