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Eye Opening Video About Joe Biden’s Kiddie Problem

There are clips in this video that I have never seen before. They are cut into a video about the facts of sexual predation. Biden fits the mold according to this expert, and he warns society what to watch for when a man is a sexual predator.

The dems are cool with nominating a guy that publicly gropes children.

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  1. I remember seeing a vid of Jeff Sessions jerking his grandchild away from Joe while he was attempting to fondle the child.
    It was clear he knew something about Joe.

  2. It’s clearly a pattern but keep in mind, Biden hasn’t been demented THAT long. Been going on longer than that.

    Wonder if the Chicoms are holding polaroids.

  3. There are none so blind as those who would not see.
    How hillary clinton was not run out of town for enabling the rapos that she has is amazing.

  4. There is this one clip of Pedo Joe when he kisses a toddler as the child is in her parent’s arms and he says, “Don’t tell anybody” to the girl and then kisses her again. It is just so creepy. Isn’t this what child molesters always tell their victims. It actually disturbs me to watch Pedo Joe grab these children and pull them towards him and proceed to stroke, kiss, and fondle them. He pulls the young girls in front of him so their backs are against his crotch. You just know that his genitals are pressed against the girls’ backs. Watching Pedo Joe in action is like soft core child porn. It skeeves me out. How are people ok with him behaving this way.

  5. No matter what the age, he keeps putting his hands just below where a woman’s bra line would be.
    It’s as if he’s hoping for side- boob to brush up against his hand.
    He’s just disgusting. There is no need to touch anybody the way he does.

  6. The Democrat Party is in the business of trafficking children. These Children are used for bait. Once the politician, judge, reporter, or even the leader of a country accepts the bait, they will be blackmailed. Compromised politicians will do or say anything to prevent exposure.
    The result is the nightmare we are living today.

  7. People who are ok with this are called Demonrats..they worship at Satan’s alter and have no sense of morality.

    Every single sexual and predatory perversion you can imagine and many you cannot is ok with these demon possessed monsters.

    They know this bastard is a pedophile and they simply do not care. Let that sink in. His public fondling of children has been know for decades. Yet here he is King of the Democrats.

    He will be deposed soon by a monster many magnitudes more evil than he, the High Priestess of Satan Hillezelbub Clinton.

    You think your vote is not important in November?

  8. Cisco nails it.

    “They know this bastard is a pedophile and they simply do not care. Let that sink in.”

    See how many of the parents notice something but don’t make a move to protect their daughters, or who later see video but (so far) say nothing. It could be that they don’t care. Or, this is the same wicked inclination of the human heart to bow down before human powers. Once upon a time, they would have been the same people letting high priests put their babies into the red hot hands of Baal.

  9. If it’s OK to kill em, it’s OK to use them for sexual gratification.
    It’s OK to enslave em, it’s OK to abuse them – their lives are meaningless.

    “… if God does not exist, then everything is permitted.”
    Nihilistic totalitarians DO NOT believe in God.
    Anybody remember the Demonrat Convention where the call to include God in their platform was denied? About 4 times?
    It can be NO clearer.

    This is also why the nihilistic totalitarians embrace izlam – predation of children.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. When Darwin claimed that we came from primordial slime, the left jumped all over it.

    The Left: You know, since we came from slime, God did not create us and we are NOT created in his image. Since we are slime and God is dead, life has no meaning.

  11. …don’t forget the time Joe kissed his granddaughter on the lips and she started to RAISE HER SKIRT REFLEXIVELY with her right hand.


    YT has effectively unvideoed this and it is VERY obvious on the video (probably why they removed them), but even in the still you can see her unthinkingly starting to hike it up on the right.

    This is a behavior you learn to look for with suspected pedophiles from children in their care. It suggests long-term programming, that an approach of this particular relative WILL result in sexual contact, you can’t avoid it, so all you can do is make it end quicker by rolling with it.

    This can actually defuse the situation too with some rapists. Rape psychology is NOT about sex, it’s about power, control, force. The thrill for them is in the TAKING, and resistance turns them on MORE. One like Joe is likely looking for that thrill, he’s been at this so long that willingness just bores him, and his granddaughter likely has learned this the hard way and so doesn’t give him what he REALLY wants, a struggle. She knows no one’s gonna rein in Gramps at this point, so all she can hope to do is make him lose interest and go molest someone else.

    It isn’t a strategy to AVOID first time or stranger rapes, but it DOES lead to disinterest in years-long serial incest rapes, IF the rapist isn’t also murderous.

    If homicidal, he may just go for one last thrill by murdering them WHILE raping them.

    …all of which is to the same point.

    You can NOT cure a molester. They don’t even consider themselves sick.

    You can NOT stop a molester. Somewhere, somehow, they WILL get a child alone, relative or no, it’s what they DO, it’s who they ARE.

    You can NOT disable a molester. Again, they get off on POWER, not sex. If you chemically, or even physically, castrate one, he will simply use a broomstick, pop bottle, anything phallic that comes to hand, and use it to assert sexual dominance. Joe may even be impotent and it wouldn’t matter to HIM, as long as he can force SOMETHING into a vulnerable human being just for the thrill of utterly owning them.

    No, the only cure for pedophiles is death.

    Nothing else will work. They will even tell you themselves.

    That’s why Democrats LOVE Islam. Islam has INSTITUTIONAL, STRUCTURAL pedophilia. You cannot separate pedophilia from Islam because you can NOT separate Mohammad from Islam. This is not to say Democrats are Islamic (although they certainly CAN be), but that Democrats will USE Islam and the First Amendment to beat down legal strictures that currently forbid their depravity. A few more years of in-your-face Islam and Americans will be too cowed to even give it a glance.

    Pedophiles too have long since thrown over God, to the point that HE has given up on them as they seared their own conscious, and turned them over to a reprobate mind. This is covered in Romans 1 so I won’t recap here. Suffice to say that no moral will hold them back, either.

    They have none.

    …so, no fear of Man, no fear of God, no empathy for victims, and no real awareness that what they are doing is wrong, just a gnawing need for more and worse perversion and dominance with each successive destruction of a young life.

    You can’t fix it.
    You can’t stop it.
    You can’t reasons with it.
    You can’t save it.

    All you can do is kill it.

  12. gropey Joe the pedo politician

    i can’t believe he hasn’t been knocked out for his gropey ways


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