First Amendment Group Appeals Military Ban on Religious Dog Tags

WFB: ‘These are men and women who put their lives on the line defending our freedoms, which include our right to religious freedom and religious expression’

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  1. Funny, the people setting the rules for our war fighters were never required to put their sorry asses on the line. We need a new litmus test for military upper brass. You can’t set ROE or any policy for war fighters unless you’ve spent at least one tour getting shot at. Otherwise STFU.

  2. Just another lay over from the Oblahblah administration that our commander in chief has to deal with. And I have faith that he eventually will.

  3. Why does some group that is not involved in the fighting have any say in what the dog tags worn by those doing the fighting have on them? It is not as though the government is saying “We hereby make you a Baptist because we give you this dog tag.”

    If a service member does not want any religion on his dog tag then he does not have any religion on his dog tag. Simple as that. Why should that preclude it from someone who wants it?

    The wind direction is going to change and some people aren’ t going to like it.

  4. If a conservative doesn’t believe in religion, he moves on. If a liberal doesn’t believe in religion he does not want anyone to have religion.

  5. @Anonymous ~ remember, somehow Alex Windbag Vindman got a CIB w/ a Purple Heart … although I can find no citation of ‘actionable incidents of merit’

    (curious that he did not get a Bronze Star, a medal usually awarded to a person of his rank wounded in combat; & ground-pounders grate their teeth at the practice)


    I know a few of ex SOF guys and they had the same reaction I did. There’s no freaken way Vindman was legit. You could tell by that dumb ass smirk on his face. Not exactly a 1000 yard stare.

  7. Vindman reminds me of Bobby Hill. He’s a chubby little nerd who wore his uniform as a tool to try to gain gravitas during the hearings. His loyalties lie with the Ukraine.

  8. This appears to me to be a licensing thing. Whereby if this decision is allowed to stand then the Military would have to “approve” of ALL messaging and format/pictures/form/etc of ALL merchandise that they license.

    I’ve seen a TON of licensed USMC stuff that wouldn’t pass muster with the lefty loonies. If you start down this road, you might as well not license anything, and there goes getting paid for free advertising…not something the military wants.

    The long march through the institutions has certainly infected our military, there’s no doubt about that.

    Let’s hope that in President Trumps 2nd term he opens up with both barrels…

  9. Bullshit! The Army dependent dog tags I had from the ’60’s and ’70’s had simply one initial on them for your religious preference – P, C, J and perhaps others I never saw. Funny thing is i have been looking for dog tags recently. Found my dad’s old foot locker in storage and still have to check that. Maybe these ass hats want the blood type left off too.

    Out of curiosity did German soldiers in WW II have dog tags?

  10. My dog tags when I was in the Navy indicated that I was a Presbyterian. They also used social security numbers for military i.d. numbers back in those days in the 70’s. And when my dad was in the USAF in the late 40’s they also indicated what state you were born in which in his case was Arizona. Blood type was also listed as well.


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