First They Came For Conservatives, And I Said Nothing… Lefty Site Whines When Deplatformed

I felt bad when I read this.

Until THIS—>


THE editors of left-wing, independent news website Novara have expressed their anger after their YouTube channel was shut down “without warning or explanation”.

The media platform, which was launched in 2011, is calling on the video service to “immediately” reinstate the account.

Novara uses the platform to stream its regular podcasts and video content, including the TyskySour show presented by journalist Michael Walker three times a week.

In a statement, Novara said its account is “among the top 50 most watched news and politics channels in the UK”.

Ash Sarkar, a media commentator and senior editor at Novara, added her voice to the growing anger.

“We’ve produced some of the most rigorous analysis of the coronavirus pandemic, interviewing world-class experts and keeping an audience of young people who are disengaged from legacy media informed about current affairs,” she wrote online.

“This is an attack on quality British journalism by an unaccountable American tech giant. You might not like our politics or our personalities, but the deletion of Novara’s account is a threat to everyone.”


Oh, is it now?

Up yours, assholes.

So, you want the punch line?

Of course they are. And they won’t GAS about any conservatives deplatformed. This is how low their IQ is.

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  1. Twitter and Facebook are government run bot companies. You think you have thousands of followers? You don’t. They use bots to rip off advertisers, push their agendas of the week, and to sway idiots into thinking they have friends and followers.
    Novara just proved it.

    Twitter is 30,000 real accounts, tops.

  2. Laughed my ass off at this, at least until the part where they got reinstated. Nothing was learned, they weren’t shamed, they won’t change their ways, and they’ll call for YOU to be black-listed at the first opportunity.

  3. Never seen a bigger bunch of crybabies in my life. They don’t know what getting smacked on the pee pee really is.

  4. The real question is…

    what did they report that made Google think they were conservative?
    As soon as it was pointed out they’re communists, they were allowed back.


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