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Flashback To Perhaps the Best Live Male Rock Vocal Performance of All Time

Please name better ones in the comments. Linkage is okay.

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  1. That song has been sung to death since my teenage years. Jesus could sing it and I’d still tune it out. I have no alternative song – but am submitting an opinion because I’m wagering I’m not alone. I don’t listen to much vocal music anymore.

  2. One of my personal “classics” and all-time S & G favorites, which for me is absolutely impossible to grade and/or compare against many, many other versions, interpretations, orchestrations and, on and on into infinity. It’s MUSIC! Not a baseball game with winners and losers, or who’s better than the other after the final inning. But, then again, sometimes equal…only to be decided after some future game or contest.

    Something that is intrinsically and lifelong, personally emotional, which brings back time-stamped memories that remain yours and yours alone…and, to no one else in the entire Universe…for a lifetime (if God and Nature permit).

    No, I cannot compare, judge, and issue a value statement. It is like an individual human being with no one else in the Universe that is not unique and has a reproducible exact copy of him or herself throughout this unending, apparently recyclable, Expanse.

    Sorry, guys, I cannot give a final answer, only that it is one of my favorites and I could listen to hundreds of permutations, alterations, other versions, other songs, and yet always come up with my only conclusion: it is unique, unlike any other musical works except its own uniqueness unto itself as an incomparable work of art that I personally cherish, along with many other musical works of art. And, this is coming from someone who has played and/or taught and composed tunes, songs, and originals, as well as, composing/arranging long orchestral scores throughout a lifetime, predominately by earning a living through creating and playing music….ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….HEY!..…WAKE UP!!!!….WAKE-UP!

    So, there’s that.

  3. I’m thinking the Righteous Brothers at least deserve an honorable mention.

    h tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbg1gkWb0Wo&pp=ygUfeW91J3ZlIGxvc3QgdGhhdCBsb3ZpbmcgZmVlbGluZw%3D%3D

  4. General M I hear you, I listen to our local FM and I hear the latest pop hits like that award winner ? by Harry Styles As it Was or some such it is CRAP! laughable I only listen for the weather and local news

  5. Never was a Simon & Garfunkel fan but know all the words because it was played so often on the radio when it was new.
    The band was wonderful.
    We’ve seen some great live shows I liked better.

  6. This seems oddly appropriate on Holy Saturday. Like a modern hymn of the lost apostles, wandering aimlessly after the death of their teacher and leader, wondering what it was all about, trusting no one and nothing, not even their own faith. Not fitting in anywhere, walking alone and paranoid through a world that just shifted under them, not knowing it would change even more dramatically tomorrow morning.


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