Former Miss Universe Dumps Tebow Because He Won’t Have Sex With Her?


Olivia Culpo -2012

Let the puns begin…

Tebow is against the hail Mary pass.

Tebow still can’t get in the end zone.

Tebow always had trouble scoring.

Tebow has trouble penetrating up the middle.

Tebow doesn’t like to pound it in there.

Tebow turned down Culpo’s offer as a slot receiver.

Jokes aside, if this is true, you have to admire a man with unshakable principles, because, that’s a test right there.

47 Comments on Former Miss Universe Dumps Tebow Because He Won’t Have Sex With Her?

  1. So that is pretty awesome he wants a pure marriage.

    My question is why doesn’t he marry her or ask her to marry him.

    Dating isn’t the goal marriage is, our parents spent only a few months courting then they got married and then sex then babies.

    It’s only logical not to date if you don’t want sex.

    The end zone is a sacramental marriage, heaven on earth.

  2. He has to keep his left arm strong, in csse he gets a call up. Sex with her would disrupt his 150 wrist reps, 4 times a day.

  3. I admire Tebow for his self restraint and think she’s pretty low class for going public with this. But wouldn’t Tebow be better off looking for someone of like mind rather than a celebrity?

  4. Good thing Tebow didn’t rush into a full commitment with this horny ho.

    She’d be banging half the NFL before their 5th anniversary.

  5. I dated a model when I was about his age. She would starve herself until she was meaner than rat shit and would take it out on everyone she came in contact with. Good riddance to bad rubbish is what I have to say.

  6. Gold digger. She figures that by sex, she can hitch her wagon to him.

    Good for Tebow for NOT falling for it. Besides, it must have been very tedious for him to sit down to tuck away a good meal, and see her picking at a couple bites of kale.

  7. I dumped Miss Sweden once, because all she could cook was them damned meatballs. Before you judge me, try eatin’ a Swedish meatball covered with Nutella.

  8. I’m noticing how the immorality of secularism is beginning to look to the average person as dingy, tarnished, old and used up. It’s not the promised breath-of-fresh-air, self-expression, freedom-inducing phenom it’s been sold as for decades. No, sir. It offers mental and physical illness, HIV/AIDS, STD’s, self-absorption, anxiety, ruined careers, addictions of all kinds, disgusting habits and markets for its wares and pseudo religions. And the normalizing of this darkness exposes it like nothing else can. It carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.

    God is good.

  9. Well put, A.A.

    Both of my kids are in college now, and our house continues to be the place where all of their friends hang out. Maybe because I buy them beer and take away their keys and my wife and I cook them delicious meals, but I think it’s more than that.

    I think it’s being around an example of a warm, honest, traditional American family, and unembarrassed that we are one, that they are drawn to.

    My wife and I got married shortly after college, and have been together for 30 years now.

    When I talk to the kids, I openly express the opinion that I would gladly marry her again this afternoon, and that her love and care and friendship has made my life a wonderful thing, and that the reason they like my kids so much is because we were committed to making sure she was home with them, and so on.

    When we break bread, we pray. When we eat, we laugh.

    Their attention is to this message and scene is so rapt that you would think that I was imparting The Secret Knowledge. But given how and where and with whom these kids have been raised these days, I guess it actually is Secret Knowledge.

    I also think, actually I know because they tell me, that most adults don’t have any time for them to talk about work and life and politics and the opposite sex.

    How damn sad is that? We aren’t imparting the stuff of life itself?

    So what damn good is our generation then? How do we bust on them when we (and I mean the collective we, since I’m not the problem) haven’t done our own damn jobs raising them?

    God, Country, Family.

    These shouldn’t be secrets!


  10. My oldest sons friends stopped hanging around when “sagging” got popular. I’d always wait for an opportune time and walk up behind them and give their pants a good yank dropping them right to their ankles. I think I might have single handily put a stop to that fad in our community. I run into those kids, now grown men and we get a good laugh out of it.

  11. Who knows who really broke up with who? Maybe Tim dumped her because he realized she was a narcissistic floozy, and the woman scorned made up this story to try to punch holes in his manhood. She really has no clue as to the depth of the guy and the strength of character.

  12. Chief — I hope you see this (Fur throws so much stuff up here every day!). Your comment really brings tears to my eyes. You’re right, you’re absolutely right. What good are the elders of the tribe if they are not imparting the virtues and the wisdom to their children? We can’t outsource our jobs as parents. We can have help, like the church or scouting (well, not so much there anymore), or other character-building organizations, but kids need their mom and their dad and they need their involvement. And we have to go up against the pressure of what is “popular” among our kids’ friends’ parents. For me, that was the hardest of all. I heard many comments over the years about how tough I was. But I didn’t have any children get preggers, end up in jail or die from a drug overdose, either. And besides, if that’s the bar the your expectations are awfully damn low and not worthy of the people under your care.

    If you can create a home that is filled with love and honesty, you’ve created a haven for your family and friends. Those kids know the real deal and they will remember.

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