Fox News’ virtual town hall with President Trump Most watched in cable news history

(TNS) So, while a taxpayer-funded NPR station in Seattle is refusing to carry President Donald Trump’s live coronavirus briefings anymore because he’s such a big fibber and all, it would seem a large number of Americans would disagree.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the president’s virtual town hall hosted by Fox News anchors Bill Hemmer and Harris Faulkner, and which also featured Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, and Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, was the most-watched town hall event in cable news history. more

8 Comments on Fox News’ virtual town hall with President Trump Most watched in cable news history

  1. This is a information session about a national emergency and an NPR station refuses to air it? Scratch their funding and do it loudly. In fact, in order to pay for this trillion dollar whatever they’re calling it a good start would be scratch all government funding (including the tax rebate on donations) for Public Television and NPR.

  2. Let those other networks take him off the air. That’s just push more viewers to good networks that get the viewers. It would be awesome if the chinese virus bankrupted leftard networks.

    In other news, Cuomo is accusing Schumer of taking a shit on New York with the bail out bill. This is awesome.

  3. The Treatment touted by Trump is working in Belgium and Bahrain, but democrats want it banned just because Trump is for it.

    They are literally the party of death.

  4. Not much the leftist media outlets can do to censor Fox. Although I’m sure they would love to try because the proles must not be allowed to hear things which are not party approved.

    I would love to see MSNBC or NPR try this with Joe Biden and whoever is advising Biden. My guess is that Seattle’s NPR station would cut the feed about a quarter of the way into the broadcast. But the lefties know better than to try this.

  5. NPR, my obedient little bitches, following orders as instructed. Now lick my boots for your good behavior.


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