France Pushes To Criminalize Catcalling

DC: An overnight parliamentary session in Paris has green-lighted a bill that would criminalize catcalls and wolf whistles, regardless of the genders of the people involved. The bill was passed by the French National Assembly and will go to the senate for consideration.

If the bill makes it through the senate, those caught engaging in “aggressively lecherous street harassment” will be fined on the spot; fines will range from €90 to €750 ($105 to $877). What constitutes harassment is loosely defined in the bill as any behavior that “infringes the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security.” more

22 Comments on France Pushes To Criminalize Catcalling

  1. Phuck France, it went down the drain years ago. On Friday Ireland will vote to amend the 8th Amendment to its Constitution which prohibits abortion.
    A left wing government, Planned Parenthood, outside money is pushing the issue to amend, big time. Ireland needs your prayers.

  2. OK, while they’re at it, criminalize cigarettes dangling out of the mouth, spilling vin rouge down your shirt, Citroens, berets, buying fresh loaves of bread, and the Foreign Legion. Makeover the whole damned place in one session of the Assembly and get it done before people wake up to see what hit them.

    Vive La France!

  3. Let us hope the madness does not spread to Italy and wreck the time-honored tradition of Italian Romeos pinching women on the buttocks! It’s been a tradition since Julius Caesar.

  4. harassment is loosely defined in the bill as any behavior that “infringes the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security.”

    “Mais non, M. Gendarme! Zat was not a woman, zat was only Claude een drag!”

  5. The Gallic spirit has taken another big hit.

    WWI – needed lots of help to keep out the Huns
    WWII – defeated and disgraced
    French West Africa (1960’s) – France lost a huge piece of Africa & got whipped by 3rd world shithole Algeria
    New Millenia – PC police and the SJWs finish off the French once and for all time.

    Bright spots – Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

  6. They don‘t have to go through all that trouble! When the Muzzrats complete their takeover they will keep all women off the streets, in body sacks, mutilate their genitals, keep them under lock and key. No problem then! Viva le sharia!

    Goodbye France. For real this time.

  7. “Here kitty, kitty” will get me a fine of $100? That damn cat can stay out all night for that kind of money.

  8. Im hoping for a civil war in europe. Ironically I think odoingo baraka husseinio and hitlery wanted one also but for different reasons. Oboinko and hitlery want to see the euroscum weakened into near total collapse and then submission to the USA and their version of global government. I want to see civil war where Poland, Hungary, Austria, and some other eastern block non muslime states anihilate islime and the euroscum union and save the white Christians.

  9. Incompetent and venal politicians. Look, we’re doing something . . . just not about the muzzie invasion. . . or anything meaningful.

  10. Lawmakers is a term that needs to be culled from the language
    There are plenty of laws
    We need law enforcers like Mr. Trump

  11. “…undermines [her] self-esteem…”??? so if I hold my nose at some sweaty, hairy-armpitted French bovine crossing my path & it offends her … I can get fined & she’s allowed to stink up the place?

    well, it is France … it already stinks

  12. Hmmm. Should I have been insulted by cat calls in my younger day when passing a construction site or walking to my car at work? I used to pretend to be annoyed, while smiling which generated more raucous behavior, which I then answered with a little extra wiggle in my walk while pretending to ignore them.

  13. @Poor Lazlo

    “There are plenty of laws”

    No kidding! We could probably dial the laws back to not much more than the TEN Commandments if we’d enforce them, although we may want to tweek them a little. I’ve got a couple of neighbors’ wives I’d like to covet

  14. “Pardonee moi, mademoiselle, I seek ze puzzy … n’est pas? Au dwoi vie? Como tally vue?”

    “Zu are in ze deep shit, now, Monsewer! Garson! Garson! Fine zis pre-vert!”

    “No, no, no … garson … I onlyest seek ze puzzy cat! Carpy diem?”


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