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Gilmore ad: ‘Trust’ me to defeat radical Islamic terrorists

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WaExaminer: In a new TV spot released Friday, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore makes the case that he is the right candidate to lead the U.S. in defeating the Islamic State and takes aim at Democrats for their refusal to say “radical Islamic terrorists.”

The ad, titled “Trust,” features Gilmore listing off his national security credentials, including his service in Army Intelligence and time as chairman of a terrorism commission that warned of an attack before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He was Virginia governor during the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“I’m not a Washington politician or an amateur,” Gilmore says. “As president I will defeat ISIS, and keep you safe.”

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6 Comments on Gilmore ad: ‘Trust’ me to defeat radical Islamic terrorists

  1. Wipe the snot off your face, pull up your pants, and go home.

    Thanks for the effort, but America really doesn’t need you.

    Run along, now!

  2. I haven’t seen the ad but if it knocks the Ds on their refusal to identify the terrorists “radical Islamic terrorists” it’s OK with me.

    Every ad that knocks the D, by identifying concrete issues is money well spent. Thanks Governor.

  3. The words “radical islamic” are a big turn-off when it comes to trusting somebody to put islam where it belongs – in hell. It’s the regular devout moslems that do most of the killing. The ones who practice what the imam preaches, right out of the koran.

    A much better pitch for a politician would be something like, “We will defeat evil islam, and every moslem jihadi that we kill will get, free of charge, sewn up in a pig carcass – with a pig’s anus for a fucking hat.”

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