Harvard Islamic Law Librarian Nabbed In Pedophile Sting


A Harvard Law School librarian was arrested on several felony charges on Friday after police say he tried to arrange a sexual meet-up with a deputy posing as an underage girl in Colorado.


Yahya Hussein Ahmad Melhem, 47, exchanged a number of sexually explicit messages and webcam video online with the undercover deputy, according to a Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office criminal affidavit.


12 Comments on Harvard Islamic Law Librarian Nabbed In Pedophile Sting

  1. An islamic law library at harvard?!?! And I s’pose the saudis made a sizable contribution to make that happen. East Coast ivy league Bastards!

  2. I’m guessing he will want to be tried under islamic law.

    “But your honor, she was twice as old as Aisha.”

  3. These muzlims are the biggest hypocrites. No wonder the facist left nut jobs protect them because the facists are hypocrites too.

    Muzlims drink, fornicate with children and prostitutes and other men, view pornography, use technology the infidel Westerners invented, and more. Just wait, Obama will rescue him.

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