PP Shooter Registered To Vote as an Unaffiliated Female – IOTW Report

PP Shooter Registered To Vote as an Unaffiliated Female

Right to Life advocates have no idea who this guy is.

ht/ Jerry Manderin


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  1. OK so what’s the story? He, no wait, she? Went to the bank, tried to get money for his abortion next door and in the meantime shot a few people? WTF?

    The left would rather glorify nutty people than treat them.

  2. OK I’ll ask the tough questions:
    1. Is he a Catholic?
    2 Is he a member of the Tea Party?
    3 Is he a member of the NRA?
    4. Is he a republican?
    5 A RINO or a real one?
    6 Is he a pedophile?
    7 Is he a peeping Tom?
    8 Is he homosexual?
    9 Was he abused as a child, like made to go to work?
    10 Does he suck cock?

  3. This guy/person/woman/thing held the cops off for 7 hours? Why’s all this weird shit keeping happening in Colorado?

  4. These questions are directed to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Ryan J.Davis of the Huffington Post, Kevin Drum of Mother Jones and Brian Gaar of whatever.
    Just askin.’

  5. And the movie about this guy could star Nick Nolte.
    He wouldn’t even need makeup – just crawl out of bed and show up at the studio.

  6. He, or I guess “she,” was pissed that Planned Abortionhood would not give “her” a mammogram, and being completely insane, “she” shot up the place?

  7. I was able to join the 500 or so people at the protest on the 23rd of August this year at that PP. Good people in that pro-life community.

    My best guess?
    Ephesians 6:12

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

  8. What keeps going through my mind: murders at the murder factory and the perpetrators of child murder and dismemberment are shocked at violence.

  9. Hey Bad Brad, yeah 7 hours to get the asshole. Now not a fucking word. We got his name. They are trying to get the the narrative right so PP doesn’t get hammered. Too many Police Departments involved. Colorado Springs PD can’t investigate their own shooting (new Law), The El Paso Co. Sheriff has to investigate the CSPD. On and on and on. Our Police are being shit on.
    This is all fucked up..

    But it looked good on the news:
    “All our first responders were brave.”
    “All acted professionally.”
    “It could have been much worse except for the Fire Department.”

    My question is. Why did a cop from the local college, have to respond, be shot, and killed?

    Fuck it. I give up

  10. Yep. what happened to the multiple eye witness accounts about this starting at the Chase Bank? Right up until the end the cops were saying this wasn’t related to PP.

  11. Come to think of it, maybe he shot people to raise public awareness of his desire to have a play date with Caitlyn Jenner.

  12. This is how he’s getting his free sex-change. He’s going to prison for life (no death penalty because he’s crazy) and under 0bamacare, he’s entitled to a sex-change. And in some states, voting rights.

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  14. “Two civilians and University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) police officer Garrett Swasey were killed during Dear’s attack.”

    Uh, no. They were all “civilians”, one of which was a police officer.

    And the shooter seems to be insane.

  15. An all-expenses-paid trip to Yonkers! Tommy and I will take you on a pub crawl on McLean Avenue.

    My wife and her friends go to NYC about four times a year. Sometimes I also go. So awhile ago I asked her if I could meet this women who lives in Yonkers.
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  16. That’s how I started…. Single. Then twin.
    Flying as a bush pilot in Alaska
    Boy did that suck.
    But not jet. Until I flew helicopters.
    And I used to wrestle in college. So I’m not too gay

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  18. 0bama was briefed on it immediately. Didn’t have to wait to see it on the news like with everything else. And so changed the narrative to fit the agenda, I’ll bet.
    Probably has teams of lawyers working on it, pounding it into the shape that best suits him, while protected the gender-confused base that supports that faggot.

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