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Ted Cruz Is Exactly Right on Climate Change

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BigGovernment: A progressive climate alarmist website has an invaluable voting guide for the presidential election: just pick the candidates it rates least highly – and you’re surely backing a winner.

It purports to judge them on the extent of their knowledge of climate change.

Hillary Clinton comes right at the top with a score of 90 percent.

At the bottom, with a hugely impressive 0 percent is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). But perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised by this given that the judges for the competition include several of the most fanatical alarmists in the field of climate science, among them Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth and the author of the widely discredited Hockey Stick, Michael Mann. more


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  1. I’m thinking Ted Cruz is damn proud of a “0” rating from those guys. I’m going to write them and see if I can get a “0” rating from them as well. I would frame it and put it on my wall.

  2. Hillary and Bernie should be excluded from the ratings. All their hot air contributes more to Global Warming than all the cars in the USA combined!

    Way to go, Ted!

  3. And can we stop calling it Climate Change ?
    I was promised Global Warming and that’s what I’m holding them to.

    When you have the discussion, don’t use their bullpoop invented dodge terms.

  4. Right. Like Reagan (now Trump) Democrats and Indies are going to vote for Cruz on the basis of the global warming issue. These middle class, blue-collar voters are concerned with only one thing regarding heat and that’s whether or not they’re going to be able to pay for it this winter. As right as Cruz may be on AGW, he will not win hearts and minds in a country filled with people who are worried sick about even having a lifestyle anymore. Worrying about the climate is what you do when your own belly is full, the electricity is paid for and you don’t have to think about muslims blowing you up.

  5. “… knowledge of climate change …”

    And then we’ll have a quiz on their knowledge of unicorns, Leprechauns, fairies, pixies and some other non-existent bullshit.

    Oh, yeah, HRC can tell us all about “honest politicians” and BS can explain the differences between National Socialism and Inter-National Socialism!

    And then both can preach to us about the phantasmagorical “moderate” moslems!

  6. I would think Cruz has a basic understanding it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. But that’s not their understanding of climate change. He needs to instead understand that man – and only man – is responsible for the change of climate. That’s such an asinine statement I just made, maybe someone can progsplain it.

  7. It takes a very special form of stupidity or imbecility to “believe” that the heat from the Sun, that’s supposed to be raising temperatures worldwide, is being locked away in the deepest coldest depths of the Indian Ocean – which explains why ALL of the AGW models are incorrect, so far.

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