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Enemy Inside the Gate

Britain’s Parliament approved airstrikes against ISIS on Friday with a 524-43 vote.  Going after The Islamic State is fine, but the Brits had better watch their own back while they fulfill their “duty to take part,” in fighting the terrorist state.


Roughly a million Muslims live in London proper and recent poling suggests 80 percent support ISIS.  Those “Moderate Muslims” may decide to become more assertive in their support of the Islamic tyrants.


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  1. I can’t help but remember Enoch Powell, British MP back in the sixties, pleading with his colleagues to curb mass immigration and control it. They called him a racist and threw him out office.
    “Enoch was Right.” Too late. Watch your backs assholes.

    The same thing is happening here today. Those of who object to massive unfettered illegal immigration are called racists, islamophobes,
    ignorant assholes, etc .

  2. Britain has a long history of reluctance to face reality.
    A dead Empire and a nation in decline (more like a death spiral – hammerhead stall).

  3. Meanwhile the current headline on Drudge is “Leaders Gather to “Save the World” ,

    No, no – it’s not the common sense choice, saving the world from murderous moslem jihadist.

    It’s to save the world from a problem that doesn’t exist.. Global Warming. It’s a sure bet they’ll screw that up too by making the non existent GW in to a big and bigger problem. aka loss of freedom and wealth, by spreadin the money around.

    The use the word Leaders rather loosely.

  4. The “moderate Muslim” will always back the side who appears to be the stronger horse and the most intolerance on the thinking that if that side gains power they are less likely to lop of their heads.

    The thinking is that there is no cost to back IS when you live in the West and there is little chance of them every getting control, but there is a huge cost if they ever do find out you opposed them if they ever do take over.

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