As Most Germans Worry About What They Have Done, Merkel Says, “I Have My Vision And I’m Sticking To It”

Who the frig does she think she is???

At what point do the people get to carry out their vision? What country should Merkel be exiled to?

27 Comments on As Most Germans Worry About What They Have Done, Merkel Says, “I Have My Vision And I’m Sticking To It”

  1. I have read some commentary where it is obviously a growing movement within Germany to assasinate her. There is a rise of German resistors from the police and military that are divided and waking up. Some are not so underground and calling for her to be assassinated.

  2. Funny thing is, that in the Germany of old, the tribes elected their King and gave him absolute power. But if he failed, even once, they killed him and elected another. None of that “the King is appointed by God” or “descended from a god” or “Dei Gratia” bullshit.

    If there’s any actual German DNA left in any of these krauts, she may want to watch her back.

    And they better act sooner than later.

  3. Those million, mindless, murdering muzloids are about to take that old Commie’s so-called “vision” and shove it up her ass which will wind up being the trigger point for the rest of their fellow cave-men in the West! It’s all about world conquest and domination! Stay tuned for WWIII.

  4. Exile? Holy hell, that’s FAR too kind of treatment for someone intent on destroying their own nation against the will of the people!

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – what SHOULD happen is that the German citizens rise up, put Merkel’s head on a pike right outside the nearest refugee camp with a message written in her blood that reads “LEAVE, OR THE SAME WILL HAPPEN TO YOU”.

    Trust me, it’s the surest way to right a wrong and fix the immigration issue all in one quick move!

  5. Yeah, Mohammed Atta was from the cell in Hamburg Germany and planned 9-11 right under their fat sausage chewing wino noses.

    Doesn’t their system have a mechanism for impeachment?

  6. Merkel pretends to be doing this because of what Germans did before WWII. So an official apology isn’t enough? She wants to have the muslims kill off her people instead? She’s suicidal. I wish she’d hurry up and do it before she kills her own people.

  7. Merkel is obsessed with the same ole ” final solution idea”, only her aim is to wipe out her own people and culture using an ally of the Nazis, which caused them much trouble 70 years ago.

  8. Dumped naked, with a Star of David tattooed on her forehead, a Cross on her chest and the rainbow flag of faggotry across her ass. No money, no phone. Film it.

  9. Well, they didn’t have success in killing Hitler before he led them to doom so maybe these few will have better success. I wish them well!

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