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10 Reasons to Vote for Ted Cruz

He’s better than the last two jokers the Republican Party ran for President. But here are a few short specifics on presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R).



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  1. “Donald Trump inherited money and ran a family business: never in his life did he have to persuade shareholders, investors, directors, or anyone else to work with him.”


    “At best, he knew how to cajole and threaten. It’s been his way or the highway since he was a kid, and that’s the worst possible training for a U.S. president.”

    If Trump’s way or the highway is build a wall and deportations. I’m for Trump to get it done instead of getting bullshitted for the next 4-8 years.

    Love Cruz. Love his Conservative principles. But you have to appeal to the average American idiot and Trump is the guy to win.

    Trump/Cruz 2016

  2. Here’s the deal. Cruz and especially his supporters need to make his case on the basis of Cruz’s own strengths and not by tearing down Trump. As I’ve said before, if they can only make Cruz look good by comparing him to Trump and not to the expectations of voters, they will succeed in making him at least as good as, but not better than, Trump. In many important ways Trump represents the ideal to a lot of voters (among all voters, not just the right). The choice for them will be clear. And even if all things were equal between them, while Cruz’s numbers have grown since the beginning of the cycle, he does not have the cross-over voters needed from constituencies that are historically Democrat. When the D opponent comes after their R rival, they will use all those lofty conservative (social values) talking points against them. It will be like 2004 all over again, when Ohio decided the race based on gay marriage.

    Trump’s platform focuses mainly on economic and sovereignty issues. The left tried to pin traditionally conservative social issues on him and thought they’d KO’d him out of the race over illegal immigration by saying he was racist. Instead he remained stalwart on the economic impact of illegals and made a big joke about racism on SNL. People care about jobs (especially young people) more than they care about illegals being treated “fairly.” Americans want to be treated fairly! And they resent being called racist just because they want a contained border like every other country.

    The Right may believe that by being conservative purists they are fighting the good fight and that’s wonderful as far as it goes. But they are being short-sighted about this election. It doesn’t end with the primaries.

  3. Exactly AA. But I think “The Deal” actually starts with a question. Are there more takers than producers in our country right now. Are there enough voters on the Federal and State give away programs that would make it impossible for one of our guys to get voted in if that vote went straight down party lines?
    I think the answer to that question is yes and that’s why Trumps the only guy that has a shot at it.

  4. BadBrad — You’re right about that and that’s why it is an essential piece of Trump’s appeal. Those are probably also the ones who have time to dvr and watch “The Apprentice” marathons. I never saw an episode of the show until sometime this September and that was on YT. As sad as it sounds, if Cruz had had his own 13-season, popular tee vee show, he’d probably be out in front. But that’s just the way it is. Cruz is not Trump.

  5. Really, I’m just joking about Cruz’s tee vee show. Because Cruz is Cruz (a wonderful, wonderful conservative) and Trump is Trump, a forceful populist who has one of the nation’s top Tea Party leaders as his national spokeswoman (Kat Pierson).

  6. “Cruz appeal will not go beyond the right wing.”
    Trump has the crossover vote. He’ll build a wall. Deport illegals. Fix our economy. Surround himself with the best negotiators in the country, and entertain us too.
    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

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