Glasgow Police Warn People On Twitter That They May Visit Them For Hurtful Tweets

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I just tweeted to them to go fuck themselves.

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  1. BFH,
    I’m glad that you’re able to give them that message. I don’t twitter, I’m not a “twit”.
    Is there an email attached to this that I can send them an equally offensive message?

  2. Q: Is this in the UK? Or am I thinking of New Glasgow in Canada? If it’s the UK, it will totally change the tenor, tone, direction, and intensity of my insults.

  3. You do realize, Fur, that H.M.’s subjects do NOT enjoy the right of free speech that we do?

  4. Fur, watch out you’re gonna get a visit from the GlasCow PD. You’ll know it them because they’ll be driving on the wrong side of the road! 🙂

  5. Way, way before twitter, a young student came to Aristotle and said, my mentor , I wish to tell you something about your friend Democritus.
    Before you start, said Aristotle, I want you to answer the following questions. Remember we must always seek the truth.
    Is the story true? asked the wise man
    I believe it is, said the young man.
    Is it hurtful?
    Yes, it could be, said the student.
    Is it illegal? asked A
    It could be, said S.
    Is it necessary? asked A
    I feel it is, answered S, feeling a little uncomfortable.
    Is it kind? asked A
    No Sir, It is not kind.
    Then I do not wish to hear it said the wise man and ended the conversation.

    That’s why Aristotle never found out that Democritus was banging his wife.

  6. OT – I’m unplugging today.

    Lucifer told Eleanor and me that we were being sent back to Earth to live as some “Star Wars” characters. WTF?

    He said I will be someone named Artoo-Detoo and Eleanor will be some gay dude named See-Threepio.

    Just when I was getting to like it down here. 👿

  7. Obviously the Glasgow PD has way too much time on their hands. Using their resources to police twitter posts, send officers to check on keyboard ruffians? The more I hear about the UK’s insane, politically correct BS the more I think they deserve a Muslim invasion.

    Go ahead, invade your country’s basements to root out those dastardly Twitter felons while the Muslims are cutting your throats.


  8. We fired our guns but the British kept coming there wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago.

    We fired once more and they began running on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico!

    Well they ran through the briers and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go they ran so fast that our hounds couldn’t catch them on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico!

  9. Do they still eat spotted dick?

    Can we tell em we hope they choke on a bit ‘o spotted dick?

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. A reply I saw and liked:

    T- Taser.
    K-Knowingly Falsify Evidence.

    The “Go fuck yourself” reply was also appropriate.

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