…Or still trying to forget?

60 and 70 fashion men

60 and 70s fashions women

mood rings video

The Mood Ring- “Scientifically Developed


 Via   1960’s and 1970’s Advertisements.


bordens cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese and Jelly Sandwich

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  1. Some of that I remember (the YL and the “mood rings”), some I never even heard of (the 1st pic. seriously?). Some. . . . I wish I COULD forget.
    Please pass the mind bleach. . . STAT!

  2. Lord have mercy!

    Old enough to remember. That1st pic looks like the cover of a ‘Workbasket’ Magazine.
    I remember having outfits like the 3 girls and thinkin’ I was all that and more.
    Mood rings, white lipstick, dippity doo, Coty, Yardley, Mary Quant and on…. my 1972 Clairol Lighted Make up mirror finally broke a month ago.

  3. Cottage cheese and jelly sammich? Gross.

    Here’s a better cottage cheese sammich. First, you have to take small-curd cottage chess and strain out the liquid using cheesecloth. Now you have a viable sammich filling. Add finely chopped vegetables (I usually use carrots, green peppers, and red onion) and season to taste (I use salt and white pepper) and spread on whole-grain bread (which is better able than white bread to handle this particular filling).

  4. Eugenia, we could have been in high school together. I look at photos of myself during that time and get embarrassed.

  5. People who think they can design knitwear for men should desist. Just stop. I speak as a designer of knitwear….

  6. That photo at the top wins the award for the gayest pic ever put on the internet. Hands down. That pic is so gay that even if those guys were straight when they first posed for it they were gay by the time it was taken.

  7. Saw the Prune Party advertisement and it brought back a fleeting memory of 45 years ago.

    In 1971, I extended my assignment in Viet Nam, by doing so I received 30 days free leave.
    I chose to come home as I had been in country 15 months.

    As soon as I got home,
    Mom asked me what I missed eating most of all, I told her I missed her Ham, Beans, Dumplings and Cornbread.
    For dessert I wanted boiled prunes.

    It was great, I stuffed myself and could hardly walk.

    I must admit, the next day was no party.
    I think I had the same look on my face as the young girl on the right of the picture for a few days.

    Haven’t made that mistake since. LOL.

  8. Hey Uncle Al I used to have one those suits. I was the best dressed guy on campus ( I used to tell myself).

  9. Uncle Al, you just reminded me of a friend that borrowed my leisure suit to bet married in.. Poor guy. I think it had snaps instead of buttons too, and made of pure 100% poly.

    In 1972 i got married wearing blue and white oxfords with 2 inch heels in a white tux. Got divorced shortly after, but wish i still had the shoes.

  10. A good friend passed away in the late1990s , he was an 88 year old retired school principal.

    His wife gave me all of his polyester suits from the 70’s (as a gift). I gratefully took them, thanked her profusely and gave ten each to the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

    That’s one style that will never be resurrected or sought.

  11. Cato: And the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities are still cursing your name to this day. ;–)

  12. Uncle Al, my Father in law wore a light blue leisure suit with white belt and white shoes when I married his daughter in 1977. What I wore was probably just as bad, I wore a light brown corduroy suit with a Western yoke in the back of the corduroy jacket with flared corduroy pants, hey it was the 70’s. My dad had a real cool turquoise western bolo/string tie which he wore at my wedding. I wore that at the rehearsal dinner before my daughters wedding in Sept. 2013. I think my wife was the only normal one in her white wedding gown. The only thing worse than leisure suits were those brightly colored polyester baseball uniforms some of the teams wore back in the 70’s. Man those were ugly.

  13. I was totin bricks 8 hrs a day for $2.75/hr and couldn’t afford kool suits … not that it mattered … everything I wear looks like somebody threw a tarp over a fire plug.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. @pboyd – you design knitwear? Do you design for the ready-to-wear market or do you sell patterns? Are you on Ravelry? Eugenia, are you on Ravelry?

  15. @Geoff the Aardvark etc. – I vote for the Oakland A’s as having the ugliest baseball uniforms. Green and gold/yellow. Yuck.

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