GM To Import Chinese Made Buicks

The Buick Envision has been made in China since 2014 and now the crossover vehicle is going to be imported to this country.


 The Chinese have long viewed Buick as a desirable luxury vehicle and GM wisely aimed its marketing of the brand at the rising class of business professional and middle level bureaucrats of the Communist nation.

Now that the automaker has solidly established the brand in China, it will be importing its luxury crossover back to The States.


Those who remember the Obama administration bailout of GM early in his first term find the importation of foreign made vehicles by the firm a bitter disappointment for American manufacturing jobs.

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  1. When Trump slaps a huge tartff on them, they’ll be priced way out of the GM product market. Foriegn luxury cars will be comparable in price. At that point its no contest value for dollar.

  2. Trump 2016.
    Tax the foreign made vehicles.

    Company and unions loosen up on the union strictures on the company in the U.S.A., company reinvents itself here as a RTW company, eliminate crony corporatism, sloppy management, and we will again make vehicles here that will be affordable.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, however, I saw a major steel mill re-open their doors under new ownership, without union involvement, and people clamored for the jobs. Bonuses were great because nobody said “…it’s not my job description.”

  3. As an American Manufacturer stuff like this infuriates me. How stupid are we? How stupid are our elected officials?
    DJT now.

  4. I thought you said they imported Chinese bricks. A Chinese joke, 3 brothers living in China want to immigrate to the United States. The 3 brothers are named Bu, Chu and Fu. So they decide to change their names to seem more American. Bu changed his name to Buck, Chu changed his name to Chuck and Fu got sent back to China.

  5. If you think about it, they paid for the bailout with their purchase of T-bills and notes, and it appears that no one has a bigger interest the brand, so the unions got screwed with an assist from their bought and paid for politicians. So glad that obongo kept the savages with pitchforks away from Trumka’s mansion in VA.

  6. If you want to stick it to the imports abolish the CAFE standards that force US manufacturers to buy imports and slap their name on them.
    CAFE was created to give Japan a leg up, but has outlived it’s usefulness even if you think helping Japan was the right thing to do.
    Meeting CAFE standards is profoundly expensive, and cheap foreign labor makes it easier to accomplish.
    Blaming China or Japan is self defeating as it doesn’t address the problem.

  7. Okay, I’ve heard people criticize my Honda (made in Ohio), who would proudly drive the I “American” GMC cars.
    The line was blurred years ago. I had a Ford Ranger for years (virtually the same as a Mazda B3000).

  8. So Romney was right about GM shipping jobs to China. And Obama bragged about saving Detroit, 3 months before the city declared bankruptcy. Too bad we don’t have some kind of news media that would be interested in this.

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