Washington State To Scrub All Areas With Offensive Names

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Spurred by that success, which she championed, state Sen. Pramila Jayapal – a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress this year – is proposing to tackle the larger problem in the state head-on. Working with the Washington Department of Natural Resources, she has identified 36 racially offensive names of geographic features around the state. Now, she’s kicking-off a coordinated effort to change them.

Here is the list of the places she wants name changes–>


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  1. Pramila means One of Arjuna’s wives. If she’s not one of Arjuna’s wives, I do believe his wives would be offended. Jayapal is a Hindu name and for sure all the Muslims would be offended. Pramila Jayapal is an extremely offensive name to billions of people around the globe. She should set up a GoFundMe page to have it changed – ASAP.

    How did this extremely offensively named person miss the entire state of Oklahoma? It literally means red people.

  2. Q: Why do Hindu women have those red spots on their foreheads??

    A: Its from their husbands poking them in the forehead while screaming in their face: “YOU ARE SO FUCKING UGLY!!!!”.

    That is all…

  3. Renaming parks. Sounds like a job geared toward her IQ level. After she does that she can clap the blackboard erasers.

  4. Her ‘official’ website has no discernible contact point. I’ve noticed that among democrats.

    However, the ‘donate’ button is already highlighted when you arrive.

    I just wanted to offer up my opinion she was as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.


  5. Right up there with rearranging the deck furniture in the sinking Titantic.

    Useless waste of our time and her efforts demean and beclown her.

    Also, coon refers to racoon. Stop seeing racism everywhere and in everything. It is tiresome.

  6. She ticks all the items on the leftist checklist. Politically ambitious Woman of Color, union endorsed, social justice warrior, and pro-immigrant and pro-muslim advocate, clearly on The Party fast track. Remind you of someone?

    She’s got her confederate flag issue that’ll appeal to and capture the vote of the drooling self-loathing emo-idiot sheep and any racists of color that infest her district. Good bet for shoe-in from State to US senator.

    The crazy eyes are a nice touch. One to watch.

  7. Seriously, she looks like someone soccer-kicked her right in her lower jaw. Hard as it is to believe, there are plenty of desperados in Seattle that would tap that and admit to it…

  8. When I was gold mining in the Klondike in the ’70s my claim on Bonanza Creek lay between Homestake Gulch and Nigger Jim Creek. Worked for me.

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