Major Trump Announcement

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  1. I bet a lot of low info voters are in mourning, thinking it is real. After all, Jimmy Kimmel reported it, and many people get their ‘news’ through entertainment TV.

  2. Too many jumped the gun this year. Countless videos and articles were released into the wild the afternoon & evening of March 31st. It took the fun out of April Fools this year – After being “fooled” multiple times yesterday, I’m way over prepared for today.

  3. I fail to see the humor in this video. It isn’t funny. Our country is too important for Trump to joke about this. Is he a serious candidate or not? This makes it appear…not.

  4. No surprise: the anti-Trump people are – if not “shocked! SHOCKED!” then – “diappointed” at Trump because he is not “presidential.”

    I doubt any of you felt the same when Cruz made his remark about “not knowing which pedal to push” (i.e. RUNNING OVER TRUMP IN A CAR).

    Humorless hypocrites.

    To me, Trump is showing quintessential NYC humor.

  5. Cruz’ pedal joke was funny. Trump’s April Fool video was funny. For God’s sake, people – lighten up and grow a sense of humor! If not being able to laugh at such things is a requirement for being considered a Conservative, then maybe I’m not really one after all.



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