Good News, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Kids Are Human Beings as of Today

When asked if her kids were human beings before they were born, Debbie Wasserman Schultz informed everyone that her kids are human beings today.

Prior to birth they were whatever it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz is. A marzipan bowling pin, I think.

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17 Comments on Good News, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Kids Are Human Beings as of Today

  1. i had no idea Uranusians looked so fucking buttugly and were so box-of-rocks dumb….wonder is Debbu Wassershit Shultzy is from the main planet or one of its five moons…as moonbatty as dat bitch is, i bet on Titania….

  2. Wait a sec … that implies that some guy, however drunk or retarded, stuck his dick in her?

    Ain’t believing it.

    Never been THAT drunk.

  3. So what about men, do men have a right to make their own “reproductive choices?”

    Let’s say a man “isn’t ready” to accept the responsibility for reproducing… can he just say: at this pint in my life an abortion is what is best for me and at that point his financial liability is his “fair share” of what Planned Parenthood charges to terminate any present and/or future obligation he has?

  4. The instant that a woman decides to carry her baby to term, it becomes a human being. (Yes, yes, I know. The instant that mitosis happens it is a human being, but for purposes of educating a libtard [is that possible?], go with this.) When Nidal Hasan murdered 14 people at Fort Hood, it WAS fourteen, not thirteen as the progressive press claimed. Francheska Velez was pregnant and had decided to carry the baby to term. So, according to her reproductive rights, her baby was a human being because she considered it so. Her choice, remember?

    Libtards have a VERY difficult time arguing that is not so. Whenever they do, the immediate comeback is, “But doesn’t she have a choice?” They have to answer yes. “Then she is choosing to consider this a human life because she is going to carry it to full term.” There is no way to argue against that unless they admit the woman doesn’t have a choice.

    We need some district attorneys to grow a pair and make this argument, and make it stick!

  5. yes….women have a couple choices…..keep your legs closed or use birth control
    yes….men have a choice….if you dont want a baby or fear being tricked….keep your dick out of it

    simple as that….pregnancy just doesn’t magically happen

  6. Sweet Geeezuss!!!! That thing actually was able to reproduce?!?!!? Just the thought of some sperm donor actually having sex with that despicable troll is going to give me nightmares now! I suspect he followed the old adage of “Throw a flag over her head and (you fill in the rest)”.

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