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Governor Moonbeam Gets His Satellite

Governor Jerry Brown boldly announced in San Francisco on Friday that his state was “going to launch our own satellite — our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it.”

The venture is being pursued in cooperation with Planet Labs. The information gathered will be shared with the state’s Air Resources Board to track climate change causing gases so that California can curb such emissions.  More

The governor made no official statement on how the new pollution tracking satellite will benefit the 19 percent of state residents who live in poverty in the Golden State, which the Census Bureau confirms is the highest rate in the nation. More

21 Comments on Governor Moonbeam Gets His Satellite

  1. This guy is pure lunatic.

    California has a mountain of problems and this freak chooses to squander even more tax dollars chasing clouds.

    It’s a shame there is no law to keep these deranged idiots from pissing confiscated dollars away.

  2. The government both state and federal has become a playground for over the top money wasters with no self control. They demonstrate absolutely no fiscal responsibility or the slightest concern for the burden placed on those taxpayers.
    We truly need a revolution.

  3. The satellite will show that the two major sources of pollution are 1) San Francisco with fecal matter from the streets washing into the bay and 2) Construction-pollution related to the high-speed Choo-choo.

  4. I visualize this:

    They put satellites up there that detect CO2 and then destroy the sources of this “climate pollution.” What produces CO2?

    The progs are deploying Skynet.

  5. Doesn’t something of this magnitude belong on a ballot so the tax payers can decide? We don’t vote on shit anymore here in this state. It’s just shoved down our throats by our overlords.

  6. It’s too bad that STUPID isn’t fatal. This clown would have died after saying his first word. Anyway, a fake satellite sending non existent data on a problem that doesn’t exist, to people too dumb to tie their own shoes. Should be good for a billion or so.

  7. A modest proposal:
    Quit yapping about global warming. You can’t fix it with a satellite. Or by raising taxes.

    Defund bullet train to nowhere. Nobody needs to go to San Franshithole at high speed.

    Cut bennies for illegal immigrants. Actual citizens could use that money.
    The savings should be applied to our crumbling infrastructure.

    Driver’s licenses, voting privileges and running for Office are for Citizens only.

    Ballots in English only. If you can’t read it you are not qualified to vote.

    This is not a complete list. But it’s a start.

    Plastic straws are not the problem. Jackasses infesting the Gov’t are the real problem. Ban them instead.

    P.S. STFU about gun control.

  8. He wants to spend millions to get more information about something that does not exist.

    Why not set up A gigantic study on leprechauns, We can import “experts” on them from all over the world.

    That is also path to get more information on what does not exist!

  9. Just wait until you hear about his Twin Tunnels project. It steals Northern California water, subverting the Delta, there by destroying one of the best fisheries around. Remember, these are the sme group of assholes that would not release water out of the Delta because of a three inch fish. Cost, who knows?

  10. Maybe the pollution comes from launching worthless satellites into space.

    I mean, libs are always bitching about the carbon footprint nasa makes with it’s launches, how is this different?

    Elevators Jerry, build a sustainable, solar powered elevator to space. After your success with the bullet train, this will cement your legacy.

  11. Wait…….what!? Kalifornication is over HOW many billions in debt already? And Moonbeam Jerry wants to add how many more?!
    He needs to be hung from the nearest tree, ASAP. The amount that he won’t be paid in salary, benefits, and retirement won’t amount to much against the state’s total debt, but, ya gotta start somewhere. And it would put other like-minded politicians, statists, and welfare cheats on notice.


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