Greg Gutfeld Makes the Best Insight Yet on Trump Derangement Syndrome

Starts around 4:40 to 9:15

Is Trump “polarizing”? GOOD! That’s what he’s supposed to be.

This is great-

Read or watch HERE

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11 Comments on Greg Gutfeld Makes the Best Insight Yet on Trump Derangement Syndrome

  1. Trump is actually doing what our elected officials have been promising to do all these years, his job! Trump has charged headlong into the rotting culture in DC and the bodies are flying.

  2. Consequences.
    Whatever metaphor you like – pendulum swinging back with equal and opposite force – Trump is forcing it on the Left…and making sure Americans see *who* is responsible for the damage of the past decades.

  3. Never watched ‘Reality TV’.
    Didn’t know much about President Trump before the election.
    I just knew he was a developer in NY, kept promises about work he undertook, was charitable too.
    Not my choice in the primary, so many doofi to choose from.
    This MAN now has my total support.
    Greg nailed it.

  4. Newt Gingrich made a speech at the 2010(?) Horowitz Restoration Weekend in Florida in which he mapped out what the Republicans should do in the ’12 GE cycle. His explanation of smoking out the Left — galvanizing conservatives behind the idea of polarizing the two factions, Left and Right — was why I supported Gingrich in the ’12 primaries. And if Romney/Ryan and the GOP Establishment hadn’t been up to their old tricks, he would have won Florida that year and the nomination. But Gingrich had it right and understood what it would take to dominate the Democrats. It’s all about timing and force, and Trump had both in spades.

  5. Nailed it…

    Off camera he has a bad rep, but he obviously has the wit and intelligence to go toe to toe with anyone. And poor Guano Williams (the token lefty) embarrasses himself, but is too void of intellect to know it. Guano is the reason I stopped watching the program before giving up on 99% of the idiot box.

  6. And Obama wasn’t polarizing. The so called scandal free guy that spent taxpayer money trying to oust Netanyahu, weaponized the IRS, vacationed like a king and took every opportunity to insult, regulate and destroy everything that makes America great. Such a load of crap that any one of these radical nuts running for the dem nomination is going to be a nice boring option that we won’t need to worry about daily.


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