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Gubmint sez: Drink water if you’re thirsty

I am so tired of these dumb government PSA’s wasting tax payer money.

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WaExaminer: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has put together a webpage offering people instructions on how much water to drink, which includes the advice that people should drink to “quench your thirst throughout the day.”

The tipsheet starts by saying people should drink water instead of sugary sodas or sports drinks. But how much water should people drink?

“Let your thirst be your guide,” the tipsheet says.

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  1. If yer tired of tired of these dumb government PSA’s wasting the Overtaxed-payer’s money, wait ’till you see the amounts! It’s just one of the many ways Uncle Sam used to pat the Networks on the head for being good, little Toadies!

  2. That’s a great big duh! Doesn’t wine (for the progtards and snobs) and beer (Colt 45 malt liquor for the ferals) have water in it? How stupid does the gubmint think we are? I’m just waiting for the genius to invent instant powdered water. Good luck, first you need to capture some hydrogen molecules and some oxygen molecules, 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen (H2O) and a little miracle of creation and you have water. Sarcasm over, these idiots piss me off but you need water in order to pee.

  3. Holy shit! Hold on a minute here. You mean that if I am thirsty, I should have a drink of water, or possibly something else? I’m 42 years old, and that never occurred to me until the guberment was wise enough to tell me!

    Those people know everything! I am so thankful for the opportunity to send them my money so they can tell me how to live my life!

  4. I’ll eat when I’m hungry
    I’ll drink when I’m dry
    An’ if moonshine don’t kill me
    I’ll live ’till I die.

    And I don’t need the fooken gubnmint
    to tell me that!

  5. You may think the PSAs are absurd, but consider who they’re aimed at. Their base. They wouldn’t know how to breathe unless the gubmint told them how.

  6. Not a waste of money.

    It’s payola to friends, family, contributors, and people they want on their side of the propaganda war.

    Nobody looks at that ignorant shit. They don’t care if anyone does – the money is already doled out.

  7. Yeah, all those feral ghetto dwellers and illegal alien invading rat-people sit around thinking “Gee, my mouf’s dry … I’ll go online to see what the Dept. of Agriculture tells me to do!”

  8. While we are on commercials, if I see that woman with that dragon blowing fire one more night, I’m gonna scream. If I was working that monster, I’d lower the head a bit and burn her with fire. Now that would be worth watching over and over.

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