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They Should Have Given Her the Medal of Dumdom

The love affair between entertainment celebrities and Democrat politicians just got more absurd with Obama handing out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Barbara Streisand this week.

US President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to singer and actress Barbra Streisand at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM

Never lost for words, Babs did her best to say something stupid and provide yet another reason to vote for Trump.


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  1. Ever notice when Obungles is presenting a military award he looks like his balls (if he has any) are in a vice but when it’s something like this he looks like Reggie is performing fellatio on him?

  2. Barky brings his fans to him….or goes to them….He never will be with anyone not pre vetted to support Barky’s agenda….he knows the whackjobs in Bollywolly support him. Maybe he wants to be a rock star more than Prezzy…?

  3. I thought ol’ James took a hike…. Surprised he didn’t get sick of Liberal BS for breakfast, lunch and dinner years ago. Not to mention cracking an eyelid every morning and seeing THAT! She never was attractive IMO, nowadays nothing but an ugly old lady on the inside and out with a vacant cranial cavity.

  4. Well, I on’t have the desire to research it but isn’t she one of the assholes who said she would leave if Bush was elected?
    If she does’t choke, maybe somebody will accommodate her, perhaps one of her disgruntled neighbours.

  5. She threatened to morph into MECHABARBARASTREISAND and stomp them flat, if they didn’t… 😳

    An emergency call to The Cure could’ve stopped it. :p

  6. Yeah, she didn’t like it much when we invaded Iraq. However, if the September 11 hijackers had crashed the planes into the rose bushes of her Malibu estate, now that would have been something else altogether……

  7. Did James Taylor get a Preezy Medal for singing “You’ve Got a Friend” to the frenchmen last year? Or is the Preezy waiting for Taylor to sing it to the Syrian “refugees” arriving in THIS country first?

  8. Watch your mouths when it comes to Barbra Streisand. She is a GODDESS. And you don’t mess with our Goddess. That is a hate crime to all LGBT people.

  9. Larry, she takes a crap just like you do. Her toilet may have diamonds in the seat, but I’d check under her nails before calling her a goddess. Her voice is a priceless gift. I hope she is thankful to the Lord for that.

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