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Our last mystery person was……….. Chris Cassone!

Here is our next patriot.

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  1. Knotty pine paneling, 1950 Sears Roebuck furniture, and a Roy Rodger’s outfit, has to be Bad Brad. I had the same outfit. Twin pearl handled pistols and a white cowboy hat. We used to play Cowboys and Indians. We always won ’cause the Indians only bows and arrows. Most of us grew up to be bank robbers,
    terrorists or school shooters and are now either dead or in jail. Would I lie?

  2. Oh my how cute. Don’t have a clue to guess, but I love looking at the pics and wondering. More fun is learning who the cuties are in the end.

  3. He looks like My Favorite Martian, or MJA or youKnowWho

    It’s a fact that people got rid of their beautiful mid-century furnishings for avocado kitchens and brown plaid upholstery. Sad.

    The fiberglass curtains had to go though.

  4. I remember having cap guns like those. My Mom was really upset when I ran through the house the first time with them fully loaded and popping caps left and right.
    They were outside toys after that…

  5. why does he have his right hand gun in his left hand & his left hand gun in the holster?

    gotta be my dumb brother …. that’s definitely our end table (don’t know why it’s at my uncle’s house, though)

  6. I see cato is trying the Corky strategery (lol)

    B_B said he was a tow head as a child.

    This guy looks red head, but we’ve seen a red head turn blonde later – eternal cracker p. It could be just a color film thing that’s off, too.

    I’m going to wait for a clue.

  7. “why does he have his right hand gun in his left hand & his left hand gun in the holster?”

    Practicing cross draw! Another B_B preference I saw him say. He just hasn’t adjusted the holsters right yet. He’s young. He’ll get it right.

  8. “It’s a fact that people got rid of their beautiful mid-century furnishings for avocado kitchens and brown plaid upholstery. Sad.”

    I am reminded of the specter of Naugahyde in our living room in the 60s.

  9. “why does he have his right hand gun in his left hand & his left hand gun in the holster?”
    Give him a break. He just woke up from his afternoon nap…

  10. @Dad4 ~ I have it on good advice from Mr. Spock that cross-draw is ‘highly illogical’ 😉

  11. I wish I would have given my son a couple of cap guns to play with. But that’s okay, he’s playing catch up. I think it’s Bad Brad too, he looks real serious! He’s got that “don’t mess with me look too!” I love the lamp too!

  12. Why does he have his right hand gun in…..?
    He’s just being smart. When the bad guys think he’s run out of bullets he’ll use the other gun. Just like I used to do. Whatsthematterforyou? You never kilt a bad guy?
    Has to be Bad Brad, he found that baby photo from Florida.

  13. Yea another hat. Looks like Dad got up from a smoke and reading the sports page to take that picture.

  14. If He had two Bandoleers across His chest…I would say

    Benito…and it can’t Be SCR North…(Canada didn’t get indoor

    furniture until 1972) So I gotta go with BB


    Well, we’re getting into personal preferences now. What if your shoulder causes you a lot of pain when you try to lift your hand on the same side, like waist-high to draw from that dominate side or small of the back for instance?

    I had this problem for 6 months after getting run over.

  16. Everybody just calm down and nobody touch nobody! He was caught (almost unawares) in his longjohns and had to hop into action….. and wtf is he doing in my family room? Oh! and it is either Zonga or MJA??

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  17. Tuesday
    Have not herd “South Paw” since Ike was President!

    Test to see if you are nearly as old as I.

    Why were pitchers referred to as Such Paws before TV and night Baseball?

  18. Now a child who points his finger at another kid is phucking suspended, or a kid who makes a cookie look like a gun is suspended. Now, we have assholes like Chris Wallace on FOX News interviewing phucking pussies on Sunday news about gun control.
    We are Phucked as a Nation.
    There is no comeback from this bullshit. The media is destroying this country.

  19. @an ol exJarhead – I googled it –

    The batter facing east on the baseball diamond with the pitcher facing west. A left-handed pitcher’s throwing arm is on the south side of the diamond.

    Hope I got it right – the things you learn from iotw’ers! 😀

  20. “Who talks more about guns then women, Bad Brad”

    Same thing. Ever hold a Colt Python close to your chest?

  21. Pythons are nice, I like my Model 19 Smith better.

    They don’t talk bad about you after you clean them either. 😉

  22. @Bongo – and there you gave me the answer it was you as plain as day with your rootin’ tootin’ video and I didn’t catch on! Haha! Great photo!


    Right! The pitcher had to look into the sun; not the batter! Makes no diff with night ball.


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