Gun Turn-in Event Nets a Stack of Paper Pledges and Some Surplus Sporting Goods

NRA-ILA […] Police-community partnerships are a positive measure to increase public safety, but good intentions aren’t the same thing as a good (or effective) plan. A report by Time-Warner Cable News tried to put a positive spin on things by noting that “almost 1,000 people” responded to take the pledge, leading one to believe that 1,000 firearms had been turned in, but this was hardly the case.  As evidenced by the footage accompanying the story, the gun turn-in apparently resulted in a single BB pistol and a single sheathed hunting knife being “taken off the streets.”  more here

h/t FlamingHetero.

9 Comments on Gun Turn-in Event Nets a Stack of Paper Pledges and Some Surplus Sporting Goods

  1. Here’s my pledge: I’ll turn in my guns after all the criminals in the world turn in all of their guns, and after the last moslem jihadist is dead, and after there is no longer a need to kill animals for food.

    P.S. F*ck You! Come and take them!

  2. I wonder how long it took for the department interns to come up with ‘almost a thousand’ fake names for those ‘almost a thousand’ fake pledges?

  3. Tucson PD & Lefties tried to run this scam a few years ago and some enterprising individuals set up across the street, offering fair market price for people’s unwanted guns. They did okay (much better than the cops) until the the gun grabbers whined and demanded they be arrested while on public property, for loitering or some such idiocy. I think the judge threw it out and they ended up with some great guns.

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