Guy riding Limebike eScooter on Highway in Dallas isn’t breaking the law

From the Dallas News:

Dallas’ dockless vehicle ordinance does not prohibit scooters from being operated on the interstate, but the city’s website says they can be used on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or lower. (The scooters are banned from sidewalks in downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum and the Cedars, as well as the Katy Trail.)

A measure sponsored by state Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, that would’ve banned scooters from the Texas’ highways, among other regulations, failed to get a vote on the House floor in the recent legislative session.

Watch the nut

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20 Comments on Guy riding Limebike eScooter on Highway in Dallas isn’t breaking the law

  1. If this idiocy catches on, I’m putting a train horn on my truck. For them to say there is no law against this is wrong; every state has a law against impeding traffic.

  2. That guy squealing, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BRO!” over and over should be punched in his vagina. So annoying. He really needs to reduce his soy intake.

  3. What will happen is that scooter lanes will be added to interstates. By added I mean that existing lanes will be narrowed to accommodate the scooter lane. Interfering with a scooter will become an infraction. Mass scooter rides blocking interstates will become a thing.

  4. Dallas ordinance doesn’t matter on interstate hwy. They don’t make the rules for them, but this guy is definitely in violation of one for under-powered vehicles being operated on them.

    Some entrance ramps even state the prohibitions for motorized cycles.

    No matter what you’re on, if you can’t reach the minimum speed – you are eligible to be ticketed by the next cop that sees you. You are being a danger to everyone else on the road, not just yourself.

  5. I see a Darwin award winner. Relatives will receive a suitable for framing certificate of achievement on heavy parchment to proudly adorn any wall in the home.

  6. Good thing that child who rode his battery-powered toy tractor to the county fair didn’t use an interstate highway!

  7. I see Dallas has not had to deal with Urban ATV gangs yet. They will soon enough. Better check your laws on what is street-legal, Dallas.

  8. If I were a cop I would have given him a ticket. He failed to signal lane changes. He also doesn’t have brake lights (at least I didn’t see them).


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