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‘Hollywood Loves to Wave the Self-Righteous Finger’

FOX: Former “Superman” Dean Cain said the breaking allegations against film production mogul Harvey Weinstein were entirely predictable.


“Not in the least,” Cain said when asked by Tucker Carlson whether the news came as a shock to the former “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” host.

Cain called sexual harassment claims against Weinstein the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.”

Carlson said it was unbelievable that Hollywood, which routinely voices its support for women’s rights, could turn a blind eye to Weinstein for 30 years.  watch

17 Comments on ‘Hollywood Loves to Wave the Self-Righteous Finger’

  1. Wow, Weinstein must have had a record number of boners during that thirty-year period and not one official complaint from the compliant starlets or Hollyweird

  2. It ain’t just Hollywood.

    Start looking at Rep. Steve Cohen’s goofy, gappedtooth mug in Congress.

    He’s just Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein in a less,attractive package doing the same things.

  3. People Hollywood and their minions think are “wonderful” people:

    Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn
    Beau Bergdahl
    Harvey Weinstein

  4. Sexual harassment. Affairs. Multiple divorces. Drug and alcohol rehab. These are the people who want to dictate morality to the rest of us.

  5. If he continues to be of use to the Democrat party he’ll be back in the swing of things again. The party of the depraved will take anyone that can advance their agenda.

  6. Actresses and actors.
    What co you expect from a group of people that make their living by taking their clothes off at every opportunity. Most of Hollywood has the morals of an alley cat.

  7. I only feel sorry for the children’s lives that have been destroyed. For the adults it is all quid pro quo. It was worth it to them. And @RightWinger, don’t forget Woody Allen. The list is long.

  8. None of these allegations came back on Bryan Singer of the X-Men franchise.

    His pool parties for drugged up, underage boys has been published in numerous places with no impact on his career at all.

  9. So basically, Hollywood hasn’t changed since the days of silent films?

    Quelle surprise, as they say in El Paso.

  10. Next train to pull into the breaking news station:

    The Pedophile Express.

    We’re about to see some more very expensive but highly
    stained undies aired before us.

  11. OK … how they wave that finger while their fists are shoved up those l’il boys asses or jammed in those starlets kookats?

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. A random scientific poll has shown that women and men are 4 times as likely to be harassed or raped in Hollywood circles as they would in college. We need to a Title IX equivalent court for Hollywood where the accused is guilty even if innocent…

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