How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in NH Town With a Population Under 700? – IOTW Report

How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in NH Town With a Population Under 700?

Granite Grok: We’ve got something for you if you’re looking for irregularities in your local elections. Columbia, New Hampshire. It’s way up north. A tiny little town that, according to the 2020 US Census, had 695 residents. But according to the Secretary of State, Maggie Hassan received 1,106 votes from the same town.
Don Bolduc had 193 votes. MORE

24 Comments on How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in NH Town With a Population Under 700?

  1. And now a statement from GOP leadership….*crickets*

  2. Let me guess – the FBI, DOJ, and FEC are on this like stink on shit?
    No stone will be left unturned?
    The guilty will be punished to the fullest extent of the Law?


    We don’t want to point fingers but we must make sure this never happens again …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I’m old enough to remember when obutthole got 110% of the votes in cuyahoga county OH
    nothing to see here, move along

  4. But there’s no widespread election fraud.

  5. Small town, small fraud.
    Big city, big fraud.

  6. Tim – FJB
    NOVEMBER 13, 2022 AT 7:10 AM

    3. LOOK! A NOOSE!

  7. How?
    She ran on the democrat ticket.

  8. Obviously, something was overlooked. Something like a cemetery perhaps?

  9. But if course. And the “General” while on the campaign trail assured us he was aware of and ready to fight the inevitable fraud, then he practically conceded before the vote was counted. I give up, it just it not worth it. Will fight in my own way in my own sphere, but no more voting.

  10. The same way the Big Guy got 81 million votes in the last election…

  11. Everything else aside, not one Goddamned bit of the wanton, systematic, deliberate election fraud, cheating and outright theft goes down without the Republican establishment being just hunky dory with it. Not one Goddamned bit.

    The progressive movement is a Satanist movement and both the Democrats and Republican establishment are subsets of the progressive movement. Satan is a liar, cheat and a thief. His followers are motivated to emulate their dark prince. You do the math.

  12. Pretty sure THIS was a somewhat obvious typo or other innocent mistake.’…no problem-o.

    What IS a problem for voter fraud, is something all voting Americans should keep aware of, IMO:

    Total number of registered voters (latest from 2020 is 168 million). Latest total number of all votes cast at the conclusion of the 2020 election was 156 million. Therefore, total number of registered voters who did not vote in the 2020 election: 12 million (7%)….RRRRIght!

    Estimated number of deceased or moved away (latest estimates in 2020 run from around 400K to 550K).

    Number of fraudulent votes cast, Party-line criminals involved (including names, addresses, and details) during the 2020 election. UNKNOWN.

  13. Not sure me damn bit of this could happen without the establishment Republican’s approval.

  14. This assumes that every inhabitant was old enough to vote too.

  15. Mitch McTurtle. “So what’s the question. I see nothing odd about this.”
    RNC. “Yeah yeah yeah, so what? Send us money.”

  16. Most patriotic country ever – 160% voter turnout!

  17. The Democrats/Communists are rubbing our noses in it. They no longer hide their true faces behind a mask. There will no longer be any such thing as a “fair” election in this nation. Democrats know they can simply steal it. They have done it twice, no problem. The mysterious ballot dumps in the middle of the night are just normal now. No results for days or weeks? It simply takes time to count all of the fraudulent votes to put the Democrats over the top. Nothing to see here, move on. Doubt the results? You are a criminal, expect a friendly visit from some alphabet government agency thug to set you right. I hear people all the time saying “well, we’ll get them next time”. Sorry to tell you, there ain’t gonna be a next time if this shit continues. Your Democrat overlords will see to it. Even the third world shithole countries can see our election system makes theirs look legit.

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