How to Offend Without Really Trying

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point has come up with a list of examples to helpfully inform faculty what turn of phrase, expression or statement might be construed as a microaggression.



Among the gems of advice, don’t compliment any minority for speaking ability or encourage them to work hard to succeed (since both seem to imply that they come from a racial background that’s not very good at either).


My favorite comes at the end. Phrases to avoid:

“Indian giver.” – Which is only offensive if you don’t understand it’s actually a curse on whites who signed treaties with the Indians then turned around and violated them.

“That’s so gay” – Which didn’t come from my generation.

“She welshed on a bet.” – Who knew the Welsh were hypersensitive?


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  1. America IS a melting pot. And like every melting pot, the scum has to be skimmed off before the entire pot is affected and the pot ruined… Thanks, Obama, you piece of shit that should have been skimmed. Affirmative Action at it’s worst.

  2. Oh wow. So college is a social experiment? Why are people paying all that money if they’re not going to actually learn anything?

    Diplomas for everybody!!! I think they have pretty real lookin replicas at Party City. LOL

  3. My first and last day working at UW – Stevens Point…

    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. And to any thin-skinned bolshevik cocksuckers in the room… Fuck you and die of ass cancer in screaming agony. Thank you. Good bye. And have a nice quarter.”

  4. I’m never going to get used to your avatar, Mary. Seeing that guy cracks me up and then makes me cry every time I see him. And now you have adopted him. LOL….tears.

  5. Here is a gem from the link: “A college or university with buildings
    that are all names (sic) after White heterosexual upper class males” WTF? In this country 99% of the universities were founded by rich, white people. Benefactors, after whom the buildings are named, also tend to be rich (duh!) and white, at least in proportion to the population. But maybe Beyonce’ donated a crapload of money to some college and I missed it.

  6. Don’t know if my vote counts, but I loved the avatar of the Victorian-era lady in the big hat with the chartreuse background.

    Actually I think Pajama Boy is cuter than either this shmendrik or Talcum.

  7. You should have heard the liberal heads sploding when they named a building at Univ of WY for Dick Cheney, It was hilarious,

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