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This Is Islam

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Compelling video that describes how Islam takes over.

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  1. Some of us see the coming disaster with clarity, and want to stop it, but liberals grab the power and effectively promote the spread of radical Islam. Are we already past the tipping point?

  2. England needs to grow a pair, man up, and deport every single one of those worthless, illiterate, ungrateful, welfare leaches. They are paying a hefty price for the experiment with liberalism.

  3. Radical Islam? No… MAINSTREAM ISLAM!!

    I’ve always maintained that RADICAL Islam is the religion practiced by those multitudes of Muslims who refuse to behead, murder, burn-alive, stone and maim. Those Muslims are the “radicals” according to the Koran. Those Muslims are technically guilty of apostasy according to the Koran. So, in each one of them lurks the potential for “seeing the light” and “reforming” and practicing Islam the way its insane, evil, Medieval founder intended.

    Kipling was right when he said, “East is east, and west is west, and ne’er the twain shall meet.”

  4. Leftists and Islamists are bonded by their hatred of western ideals, western culture and western morality.

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