“I Got Shot Because I Resisted Arrest. Those Bastards!!!” – Dr. David Dinkweaver

Dr. David Dinkweaver-

Those GOSH DARN POLICE BASTARDS!  They keep shooting people of color for no reason.  So what if the subject resisted arrest.  Is resisting arrest any reason for a police officer to  take an action that might end up in a negative outcome for the subject?

Let us review what our wonderful politicians are saying

Rashida Tlaib says, “It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist.”, but she accidentally forgot to mention the “resisting arrest” part. 


Vice President Harris, while avoiding visiting the border and doing her job, was quick to state “Prayers are not enough. Daunte Wright should still be with us.” 


Well, I’ll be damned!  (I was going to say, “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle”, a common phrase meant to express complete surprise, amazement or disbelief, but then I’d be called a racist, and I’m definitely not a racist, although maybe I am since everything and everyone is racist nowadays.  Maybe I should write about that.)  Anyway, I’ll be damned, VP Harris is right!!!!  Daunte Write should still be with us.  If he would have just allowed the officer to place the cuffs on his wrists, gone down to the station, and took responsibility by dealing with his outstanding warrants, he WOULD still be with us.

Maybe in addition to better training for police officers, we should have training for common citizens, of all colors, to COMPLY with police requests to avoid problems.  And once the words “you are under arrest” are uttered by an officer, you are either going down town peacefully, or you are going down another way.

Hmmmmm, if these subjects didn’t “resist arrest”, would they still be alive?  YUP!!!

Yet none of these politicians, that can’t help themselves from making a comment, ever mentions the resisting part.  They focus on the actions and outcomes that are caused by the resistance.  We are in a time in society when “personal responsibility” is a foreign term that most people cannot seem to comprehend or choose to ignore.

Just Comply and You Won’t Die.

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28 Comments on “I Got Shot Because I Resisted Arrest. Those Bastards!!!” – Dr. David Dinkweaver

  1. Just confine the Black folks to their own areas of the city and keep the police out of it.

    They can deal with themselves on their own that way with no police around to gun them down without reason.

    That would solve the whole problem.

  2. Sorry, but just saying comply and you won’t die is not enough, for two reasons. There exists a criminal element that will not comply, they do not want to go to jail and will fight to avoid it. There also exists a large population of folks who have had bad experiences with bad cops in the past, or those who believe the narrative that cops are inherently racist, they read the nonsense from their leaders and the MSM and believe they will not get a fair shake or be treated fairly if they are even in contact with the cops.

    The simple answer, one that I’ve mentioned many times before, is hiring better quality people and training them better. An officer that is prepared for a resisting perp, that knows what to do if it happens, is a better officer.

    That female officer who killed Duante will have to serve time, no way around that, but the mistakes made by the black male officer, I counted 4 right off the bat, started the synergistic chain of events and if any one of those 4 were absent Daunte would probably still be alive today.

    Defunding the police, creating a hostile environment within the policing community, these will only make their jobs harder and will not attract the very best to the profession.

  3. Let’s not leave out another factor: Jackpot Justice.
    With the way things go these days, there is the additional motivation that creating a scene with cops these days will most certainly get a cop in trouble and may result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions paid off to the perp and/or family. There is such a thing as suicide-by-cop only now it’s $$$suicide$$$by$$$cop$$$.

  4. Almost every law enforcement vehicle in the fairly civilized world has an onboard computer that can read license plates in both directions. If the owner of the vehicle has a record or any outstanding warrants it starts flashing. By the time the police approach a driver, they have a good idea who they might be dealing with and usually call for backup. Pass out in a fast food line, or swerve over the centerline at two o’clock in the morning with a previous DUI, and you can expect to see the party lights in your rear view mirror. This system was first developed by the British in Northern Ireland to track suspected IRA members crossing the border from Ireland. Once it was fully developed, someone’s vehicle could be tracked anywhere in Northern Ireland with CCTV cameras. They’ve developed facial recognition devices and it won’t be much longer before law enforcement starts employing them in some cities. This dead man knew he was going to prison. Just like the big guy with the counterfeit twenty.

  5. With “no cash” bail, Lil’ Daunte would have been out before the cops even ended their shift.
    Hell, they might have even nailed him a second time that afternoon when he robbed a liquor store.

  6. “The simple answer, one that I’ve mentioned many times before, is training the perp (with outstanding warrants, arrests, convictions, etc.) to not resist. You got caught, give up.”

  7. So, in the alternate universe, this shitstain with the warrant for strangling a woman during an attempted robbery, hops in his car and speeds off and ends up killing an innocent person walking their dog.

    Maybe the penalty for attempting to get back in your car to flee justice should be a bullet to the head.
    Just spitballing about how to solve societal problems.

  8. I don’t think we’ve watched a single LE involved interaction with the “public” where the coppers haven’t shot themselves in the di////foot. Their people skills are as bad as their weapons mastery and their understanding of the Constitution. LE considers you guilty until proven innocent.
    And I could give a shit about the little black baby making machine that got smoked by a twenty plus year veteran that can’t remember if she wears her Glock strong side or weak. Not to mention, Glocks ain’t yellow.
    Why didn’t the fat cops that had the black Lieutenant pulled over try treating him like a fucking human being instead of a mass murder?
    Maintain your defensive posture. But mean while take the edge off. Something like “Sir, we pulled you over for a License plate issue, but you’ve got us a little spooked, please show us your hands so we can put these guns away” probably would have gone along way opposed to how they reacted. I wouldn’t consider their actions Protecting and Serving.
    Now lets rewind a couple weeks back to Salem Oregon and the guy who pulled a pistol to protect his ass from Anquifa. Again, LE jumps in screaming his guts out with a very poor imitation of John Wicks ordering the good guy to drop his weapon. WTF? Why do COPS think they are the only ones entitled to carry or present a firearm? The guy was later released with no charges pressed against him. LE needs some serious training. I’m wondering just how efficient they are prioritizing their budget. Maybe lots more training a few less Bearcats.

  9. When are many of these blacks going to meet their end of the social bargain? They expect special accommodations by police and other public authorities while conducting themselves unlawfully.
    They create most of their own problems by defying police directives {even those given by black officers} then accuse those police of oppressing them.
    This isn’t 50 years ago and there’s very rarely a legitimate reason to carelessly toss the race card other than to buy leverage.
    Act responsibly and you won’t experience any more problems than anyone else.
    “They only did it because I’m black” is wearing very thin.

  10. Nobody’s perfect. Stupid things happen every day, the number of medical errors kills how many a year? Defund doctors! After all we the American people have come to expect perfection from some people..The greatest fix to all our American problems would be criminal penalties for journalists that share half truths and thereby insert themselves into a story.
    Half a truth is often a great lie. – Ben Franklin

  11. The supposed leaders of all the divisive racial garbage tell blacks over and over that the cops will shoot them. Consequently the perp figures “I’m going to get shot so I might as well die trying to escape” and so he tries to escape and gets shot, thereby fueling the narrative. The other thing is the perps figure there is no way a cop will want to get in trouble for shooting a black, so they try and make a run for it.

  12. We’re getting ready to have some unrest in Knoxville. There’s been 4 students shot and killed in the past few months from a performing arts magnet high school, Austin East.

    Last week a kid brought a gun to school, someone called to warn them, cops showed up, cornered him in the bathroom, he ended up dead.

    No other kids were shot, so the community is thankful, right?


    He was a good boy, he was loved, his girlfriend is on the front page weeping that she didn’t tell him she loved him the last time they spoke.

    Everyone is ignoring that he was about to become a school shooter.

  13. Great comments everyone.

    TRF – Yup, jackpot justice is, unfortunately, a thing. Check out my previous article where I tell a story of an officer arriving on a scene only to find people already there with their cell phone cameras.

    Burner – Yup, these folks need to be taught that if they get caught, just go peacefully to the station, so you don’t lose your life.

    BFH – Exactly! You can’t let these perps who resist arrest just go on their merry way. Because as you say, if they leave the scene and kill someone else, the police will be blamed “If the cops had only subdued the subject, he wouldn’t have killed someone else.”

    Brad – It’s got to be tough to be a COP.

    Mildred – No question, if only the media was honest in their reporting and discussed all sides of an event.

    Tim – Yup, a criminal doesn’t care.

    Let’s hope Republicans win back the House and Senate next year.

  14. Dr David Dinkweaver

    Here’s an interesting perspective. Yesterday afternoon I had a friend drop by my place of business who happens to be a recently retired Sheriff from a fairly large department. Sacramento County. He’d seen the video and was very aware of what happened. So I asked for his opinion and here are the points he brought up.
    Good cops see this kind of thing and decide they need to retire. In this case you had the black cop that out weighed the perp two to one and couldn’t restrain him long enough to get him cuffed. They do train for this. Then you have the twenty years on the force woman cop who can’t determine whether she has a yellow taser in her hand or a black Glock. By the way he mentioned there’s a significant difference in weight between the two also. So here’s the deal, good cops watch this clown show and think man, these idiots are going to get me killed or jailed, one or the other. The combination of this, and the escalation of internal politics is driving quality LE off the force. And the more this type of incompetence occurs, the louder the screams become for de funding the police. It’s becoming self perpetuating. And according to him it’s occurring in all major departments.

  15. Listen up suburbanite libtards – Once the defunding occurs in your area the ferals will be coming to your house to take your stuff “’cause you gots too much!”

  16. The goal here is brake down all LEO to the point where they can then claim to want fix it and Federalize all cops. There by control them and have selective enforcement of any unwanted resistance.
    They don’t care about any Blacks, if the did they would start in Chicago another Democrat hell holes where they routinely kill each other at a horrendous rate.

  17. Once cops are defunded and those “mostly peaceful protesters” come to our neighborhoods, I don’t think they are going to like our “mostly friendly fire.”

  18. Just have to say about my days in Atlanta. There are black cops who hate Whitey. Talib doesn’t just want to defund the police but build it back up. There is black on white crime but it never gets reported. With this woman’s plan it will be full on against whites and conservatives. How do we fight against that?

  19. Harris’ full message: “Prayers are not enough. Daunte Wright should still be with us. If he was, I’d suck his dick and lick his balls – if he gives me a better job.”

  20. Maybe the police need to use tranquilizer guns! At the first sign of resistance – just put the perp to a nice cozy sleep. Then you can cuff and stuff him/her/it in a vehicle to transport! I know the reason – RACIST – treating blacks like animals! But there would be whites/asians/mexicans who get “dozed” too!

  21. These fools didn’t give two feces about this dude before he got wasted. If he hadn’t been canceled, he’d still be blissfully anonymous. Isn’t using someone to your ends racism? Even “systematic” racism as this sort of exploitation always results when identity politics is in play?

  22. American Bob and BFH have it “wright” – read this – https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/daunte-wright-multiple-criminal-charges-when-pulled-over

    Daunte Wright had multiple criminal charges on his record when he was pulled over and fatally shot by police.

    Wright, the 20-year-old black man who was shot by in an apparent accidental discharge, had previously been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, fleeing from police, and possession of a handgun without a permit. Wright also had a warrant for his arrest out at the time of his fatal shooting after failing to appear in court for the fleeing and weapons charges.

    The aggravated robbery charge stemmed from a 2019 incident in which Wright and an acquaintance attended a party at an apartment and were told to leave around 2:30 a.m. by two women who rented the apartment, according to court documents. But the two men said they did not have a ride, prompting the women to allow them to stay the night.

    The next morning, one of the women left the apartment to get $820 in cash to pay the other for her share of the rent before leaving for work. The other woman stayed behind while Wright and his acquaintance waited for their ride. Then, the woman alleged that Wright blocked the door and pulled out a handgun “with silver trim out from either his right waistband or his right coat pocket” and demanded that the woman hand over the $820 while pointing the gun at her.

  23. I don’t really like cops never have but its because they used to stop me when I be speeding and I didn’t like to get stopped funny how when I quit speeding they don’t stop me as much.You don’t do the crime you don’t do the time simple as that and theses fools can’t seem to understand that Of course I be racist being how I be white and all that shit.Just have a hard time feeling sorry for these fools.


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