Iconic Providence Cop Ousted For Organizing Dunkin Donuts Boycott

When the “Dancing Cop” heard that a Dunkin Donuts employee wrote #BlackLivesMatter on a police officer’s coffee cup, he organized a boycott of the shop.

The retired cop, who is hired during the Christmas season to do his traffic cop routine, was terminated because the Providence police said the Dancing Cop seemed to imply that his boycott was sanctioned by the department.

It seems as if a clarification. not a termination, was in order. The Dancing Cop did a lot for the good cheer of the community, but the Providence Police seems to be kowtowing to the most divisive among us. The absence of the Dancing Cop will only embolden SJWs that would rather see a cop dead than a cop dancing.

6 Comments on Iconic Providence Cop Ousted For Organizing Dunkin Donuts Boycott

  1. Go to the horse! Dunkin Donuts didn’t do it, their employee did.
    It’s great that he lights the people up around there.
    We need more of those people.

  2. The double standard of Social Justice Retards is glaring and will not stop unless Trump gets elected President.

    The intolerant left facists ruin peoples lives to silence free speech, freedom of expression, all Constitutional rights. Only the facists have rights anymore.

    My h#ll, will it ever end.

  3. Think about this the next time you stop behind a white Prius and see a bumper-sticker that sez: “Mean People Suck” right next to the COEXIST and Obama Biden bumper-stickers

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