Blue Origin’s Historic Landing of Rocket

Pretty cool.

HT/ Magnum

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  1. Wow that’s impressive. Looks like a big flying penis though. A good example of free enterprise and American Ingenuity kicking ass.

  2. You’re no Virgin. And I’m not even counting your Dutch Rudder escipades. You’ll never make it thru the final screening. I’d cancel.

  3. Blue Origin has a facility in Seattle that I’ve been to a few times. It’s full of young people that really have a lot of enthusiasm for what they are doing. It’s good to see.

  4. Tom, not necissarily, there’s several companies chasing government funding based on bench marks. Elon Musk owns one of them. Never heard of these guys and news reports are saying they just kicked everyone’s ass. That’s crewmen awesome.

  5. Not a rocket scientist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

    Very cool.

    Seems like some kind of parachute to slow it down prior to jets turning on would save a crapload of fuel but such theories are way out of my wheelhouse.

  6. Alright, who’s gonna clean up the barf on the inside of the capsule?

    I say make the illegal aliens and the Syrian refugees do the job Americans won’t do.

    On another note: Does riding in that thing qualify the occupants automatically for their civilian astronaut badge? Seems to me the altitude they reach does if it exceeds 50 miles (264,000 ft.).

  7. Probably when the parachute collapsed back down on the rocket during landing and the retro rockets set it on fire, that would not be a good thing. Just guessing, though…


  8. Bad Brad it does look like a flying penis. As long as they don’t use it in a remake of Flesh Gordon, an awful scifi porn movie from the 70’s. And don’t ask me why I went and saw it at a midnight movie in San Diego around 1974 or 75. i was young and stupid and should’ve known better. Great video of the Blue Origin rocket launch and landing. I wish Blue Origin lots of luck in the future. Maybe just maybe we’ll prove Robert A. Heinlein right as well as Robert Goddard. I sure as heck hope so although I may be too old to get to see it but maybe my grandkids and their children will see it come to pass. To the future, to boldly go where no man has gone before etc. Arise all you rocketeers, space adventure awaits.

  9. I smiled when the fact this drove Elon Musk nutz.
    Jeff Bezos beat him at something, oh happy day.
    I detest Musk, that spotlight grabbing, O’Baja patron, pseudo scientist. His cars suck too.

  10. Speaking of which, remember all the Muslim characters they had in “The Jetsons”? Me neither.

    Sounds like the future’s going to be awesome…


  11. Viet Vet,the only program that might have had any muslim characters back in the day could’ve been Johnny Quest and they were typecast as the bad guys they were supposed to be. Other than possibly Rat Patrol where the Brits were fighting Arabs in the African desert. I think they’d shit kittens nowadays if Bugs Bunny was allowed to make fun of them like he did in one of his cartoons, you know the one with Aladdin’s lamp and Smoky (as Bugs called him) the genie. And Ahab the Arab by Ray Stevens is still a hoot as well.

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