Know Thy Enemy


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  1. I (think) I remember you saying this Unruly, in a thread a long time ago. Thought it was great then and now! So true. Glad Fur reposted it.

  2. And he’s doing a good phuckin’ job at destroying it with no opposition from the Rinos. Trump/Cruz/2016

    BTW. check out ” Bill Burr on Donald Trump” youtube..

  3. Exactly right! I’ve said for years that the Øbamboozler studied the Constitution like a General studies his enemy!
    We could see the writing on the wall as early as 2007 when you looked at who he associated with, who supported him and only saw far Left radicals, Black Liberation Army extremists and Communists. I was disappointed in 2008, but alarmed in 2012! Now I’m concerned that we’ll even get to 2017 without a major conflict because of the enemy within our midst using Political Correctness to kill off common sense and sanity.

  4. … including even the instinct for self-preservation! We’ve turned ourselves into a nation of White guilt-ridden, granola-eating, Gay-obsessed, coexist bumper-sticker, celebrity-obsessed, kumbaya-singing, hashtag opportunistic, Politically Correct, gullible Eloi.

  5. He’s had some help from Soros, Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power, Bill Ayers, David Axelrod, and Vayjay, to name a few. They should all be before a firing squad for treason.

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