Former Mayor Who Was At War With Soda Pop Says Ted Cruz Says Stupid Things

Saying that Ted Cruz is wacko and stupid, while providing absolutely no examples of wackiness or stupidity, seems to be the new thing with progtards.

The old thing was trying to outdo fellow protards with the amount of hatred one could muster up for Sarah Palin without giving a proportional and reasonable reason for that particular amount of hatred.

Mike Bloomberg goes full progtard HERE.

15 Comments on Former Mayor Who Was At War With Soda Pop Says Ted Cruz Says Stupid Things

  1. Hey Mikey, what the fuck do you know about being a free man you midget dictator. Fuck Off. That guys name and Cruz should not be mentioned in the same paragraph

  2. Yeah the dwarf mayor insulted Cruz, Carson, and climate change deniers. He’s avoiding Trump for the moment. Smart move mickeleen, he’ll cut your balls of, sorry, I meant ball.

  3. Mike Bloomberg puts his pointy finger between his lips and moves it up and down rapidly, with a consistant airflow behind it that might be hindered by global warming…is that what I’m hearing?…

  4. Actually that noise is coming out of his ass. Occasionally monitored by his body guards that carry no firearms because he is anti gun. Hypocritical little midget bitch. Other than that he’s a swell guy.

  5. Has anybody else noticed this?

    Lately, the rules of engagement for debate seem to have changed. Where one used to have to back up an assertion with facts and examples, now it seems one can just spout whatever and have it stand as gospel.

    Example: Minority student at Yale states that “there are unspeakable episodes of racism on campus,” yet cannot provide a single example.

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