Take a letter Maria, send it to his wife

I can guaranfriggintee you that no such letter would ever be sent out to car owners in areas where homos are selling sex.


Los Angeles is considering a controversial policy to help cut down on prostitution: City Council voted this week to have the city attorney’s office review a proposal to send warning letters to the owners of cars spotted in areas frequented by prostitutes, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

The plan would rely on license plate information to discover the owners.

While some residents say the move may scare away would-be johns, a civil liberties group has reservations because a driver’s movements could be tracked through license plate data, per CBS Los Angeles. “What happens if you have legitimate reason to be in a neighborhood?” asks a researcher for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is in the middle of a lawsuit against LA police over the collection of license plate data.


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  1. L.A. has always had more cars per capita than any other city on earth. But I think they are going to find a lot of cop’s license plate numbers in the prostitute service areas. Married cops too. And government employees.

  2. Edit: “always” since I’ve been around. Probably since the 1950s.
    L.A. is a great big freeway. Put a hundred down and buy a car. In a week, maybe two, some asshole will record your license plate number and make you famous .
    (apologies to Burt Bacharach)

  3. Sex between consenting adults is legal. It is also legal for one person to hire another to perform a service. So, why is it not legal for one consenting adult to hire another consenting adult to perform a sexual service?

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