Identity of CIA official found on Weiner’s laptop by FBI – IOTW Report

Identity of CIA official found on Weiner’s laptop by FBI



When will DOJ/FBI act on Clinton/Abedin classified mishandling issues?
forced out this info — not media, not Congress.


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  1. I certainly hope they are building a case for espionage against these two, because that what it is. It should also follow up the chain to Hillary as well! It is the main reason for hiding an unsecured server in her bathroom!

  2. Now’s the time to clamp down in Weiner.

    The divorce papers are filed, he is two months into his 21 month sentence, etc.

    Tell me again, wasn’t one of those folders on the laptop named “Insurance”? Are we talking whole or term policies or against being shot in the back in a robbery gone wrong?

  3. They (Clinton, never “mishandled” classified information – they SOLD classified information through this elaborate scheme.
    State, Obola, DoJ, and FBI gave her a pass – they ALL knew what was going on.

    Remember – the server was set up months before Clinton assumed the Secretariat.
    She had the explicit consent (and co-operation) of the Obola Administration.

    Why these acts aren’t considered Treason is that to do so would demand wholesale cleansing of the corrupted agencies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I would imagine this sloppy handling of classified materials goes back far further than the Obama days. At least among civilian government employees. There are certainly some offices that exercise due diligence because they have friends and co-workers who would be endangered if the information got loose. And the military have a good record of protecting classified materials.

    But all these we’re hearing about lately mostly don’t givashit. It just more administrative stuff to them, they have no idea the harm that could be caused, and don’t really need to care because we just don’t prosecute people at their level for breaking the law. They all know this.

    You won’t get their attention until one of them gets 10 years in lockup. Chances of that today are vanishingly small.

  5. Lowell, it goes way back to Clinton stealing 1,000 FBI files in 1993. She’s probably still using leverage from that crime.

  6. I hope Valerie Plame will be safe! sarc/off

    How could anyone argue that CIA, FBI and Justice are not FUBAR ????
    Way to go Democrats !

  7. The DOJ is poised like a cat on a mouse. They are ready to pounce after just one more thing tips the scales of justice…… more thing………one more thing…… more thing……….one more thing……….

    I know, let’s form another committee or special investigation, to ensure that any uncovered-to-date, pesky evidence is destroyed, so we can stop the farce of justice.

    I think progressives are stalling to ensure Bill and Hillary live out the rest of their lives enriching the corruption the have fomented and which suckles so many bought and paid for politicians.

    Flush that toilet, Mr.President. It feels like the stench is getting to you.

  8. Huma is toast. I suspect they are squeezing Wiener and Huma.

    This isn’t getting buried. The cabal has gone too far and is exposed. Note the principals are now silent. HRC and McCain where an orthopedic boot. McCain forgets to have the ankle monitor but on the same ankle.

  9. Who needs the DOJ?

    The CIA has had operatives placed in danger by the Obama – Clinton axis of evil. They should do what they do best…some dirty tricks to eliminate these national security threats and the Secret Service should look the other way.

  10. @Tim January 10, 2018 at 8:28 am

    > Why these acts aren’t considered Treason is that to do so would demand wholesale cleansing of the corrupted agencies.

    Everything The Party calls a crime is a crime. And should be punished. Under The Rule of Law™. Isn’t that right Loyal Citizen™?

    But that also means that “it” is only a crime if The Party calls “it” a crime. So, where would you disobey The Party’s Rule of Law™? Loyal Citizen™?

  11. When you ask The Don to “make” you in Da’ Family, of course we’ll all stand on our stoops when the hearse parades by. But should any of us say a prayer? Even for the family (not Family) left behind? Spending what’s left of your cut. The cut they stayed with you for, because you were a “made” man.

    Nobody who crossed the street alone, to get to the interview, was stupid enough to not know — not “have no idea”, but completely know — who they were offering their services and “loyalty” to.

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