Trump’s Innovative and Unprecedented Meeting

Don Surber Says Trump Just Showed Congress it is His Town.

Don Surber-

President Trump just did something no other president nor the Founding Fathers could pull off.

He negotiated a major piece of legislation right before the nation’s unblinking eyes, live and in living color.

He brought reporters and cameras in to watch an hour of negotiating between him and 22 members of Congress.

This was unprecedented.

Unpresidential, some may say.

For a fellow who is supposed to be so authoritarian — so unconstitutional — so oppressive, President  Trump sure was being open.

The press yammers about transparency and accountability.

They could not handle real transparency.

He knew they could not. That is why he did it.

There before the eyes of everyone Trump showed who is president and who ultimately decides whether we grant amnesty to a million people who should not be here out of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens who also should not be here.

The clock is ticking.

Trump doesn’t need a deal.

They do.

He got what he wanted out of the meeting: a photo op that shows Trump — not Congress — is in charge.

Optics matter.


I like Don Surber, but I don’t need style, innovation and command over substance. DACA can end the Trump presidency if it goes badly. These are tense times. I have faith in the president, but this cannot end in any amnesty, no matter what we get in return.

We want the wall and enough legislation put in place where illegals start to self-deport.

The ones that remain should be prioritized by ICE. Anyone here illegally that gets government assistance in any form should be deported. Anyone with any trouble with the law should be deported.  When we get to solid citizens that own property and pay taxes, maybe we get soft-hearted. We’ll see what kind of mood we’re in.

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  1. They’re the voting population the Left intends to replace blacks. Without it, Democrat survival is at risk. I hope Trump knows he can be Prof. Van Helsing with hammer and stake on this.

  2. I’m troubled by some of Trumps statements lately and how friendly he’s being with McConnell. Maybe it’s just politicking but this DACA business is a deal breaker for me regardless of whatever else he does.
    What did he mean the other day when he said “the anti-establishment forces have scattered”?

  3. @organgrinder:
    Either you have faith in Trump or you do not. Pick a position.
    Stop worrying about things he says and pay attention to what he does FFS.

  4. PDT is a leader unlike anything the world has ever seen. EVER. His fan club must be in the billions around the globe. I do believe some Divine Intervention is involved. He does zig when we want him to zag, but in time you find he was zagging all along. I have learned to be patient. If he goes awry there is time to lash out later. However, in the meantime, I am running out of hair to pull and nails to bite.

    Stay Strong, Mr. President and MAGA.

  5. I watched the entire meeting. It was a catastrophe. President Trump appeared to be agreeing with the Democrats at times; seemingly accepting DACA as a separate bill; talking about how theses kids came here for love; and how comprehensive immigration reform could be handled separately. Then, when knowledgeable Republicans spoke up about the need for enforcement of immigration laws and controls before addressing DACA, the President seemed to accept that line. Trump seemed to be on the side of everyone who spoke up at the meeting, including an open borders Hispanic congressman who wasn’t invited to the meeting. Trump even suggested that bringing back earmarks would be an effective way to advance legislation! I listened to the comments of both the Democrats and Republicans who attended the meeting, and they were just as confused as I was after watching this dog and pony shit show. If Trump can’t stand fast on controlling illegal immigration, he is going to fail bigly. All that anyone needs to know is that DACA is unconstitutional. If it can’t be properly addressed by Congress, then these illegal aliens need to get deported.

  6. Very entertaining this morning watching the MSM. Trump got them so confused they don’t know whether to shit or go blind. Prettty damn funny considering yesterday’s topics. Trump destroyed that new book in an hour.

    January 19th quickly approaches.

  7. Initially a big red flag went up for me — namely it was giving Jeb a happy.

    But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if Trump didn’t do this to expose the Democrats for their single-minded support for illegals over our safety. I mean, we all know it. But to watch Democrats take the side of illegals über alles is something every American — including CNN’s audience — need to see.

    Does that make sense?

  8. The only people equating DACA with amnesty are tne NeverTrumpers, media and dems.

    Letting a handful of people keep work permits is not granting citizenship and all that entails.

    Further, who’s to say merit requirements won’t be put on existing DACA s like being fluent in English – which only half are?

  9. Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin are not happy with POTUS. I’m fine with that. If that event yesterday really was about Trump conceding to the libs I’d be mad as hell, and I want guys like Carlson and Levin making noise. I just don’t think that’s what it was yesterday. Trump kicked ass yesterday, some of might know it, some may never know it.

  10. Trump is giving us everything he promised to MAGA and a great floor show to boot. Watching the people run around chasing the laser dot in the hands of a prestidigitation master is great fun.

    What did Trump do yesterday? He singlehandedly demolished a week of hair-on-fire media propaganda of Wolff’s book which informed us 100% of the people around Trump say he’s a moron man child incapable of focusing on any issue and that he repeats himself every 10 minutes. Done and dusted in 55.

    Next he set the democrats up for a lose/lose. Democrats futures depend on uncontrolled invasions of foreigners whose potential is so low they will be never ending unassimilated welfare burdens. A condition of Trump’s deal is permanently ending entry of those parasites and establishing permanent border security to keep them out in the future. Not even their anchor baby children can get them back in. In return, he APPEARS willing to let a relatively small handful of illegals who have applied for work visas (taxpayers) to continue to work and pay taxes.

    He didn’t say he’d give them amnesty, give them citizenship, allow them to vote. Will he? Won’t he? Hasn’t said.

    What he DID say is that he will not let their illegal status legalize their illegal parents and other family members through chain migration.

    He also made himself look so amenable to a deal that if the dems can’t accept the terms he’s laid out (wall, end chain migration, end diversity lottery) they’re showing themselves as obstructionists who can’t govern, don’t care about the American people’s best interests and can’t even do a deal for a handful of illegals so what good are they?

    If dems DO agree to Trump’s terms, they lose. They trade defacto future amnesty for tens of millions of current and future illegals for a handful of illegals who are educated, assimilated and working.

    Trump has set himself up that WE win either way. What other strategy would YOU recommend he use to get the wall built, end chain migration and the diversity lottery knowing this can ONLY be done by the Congress? How has that worked for previous presidents?

    Would I prefer to kick out all illegals? Sure. Am I willing to step over a $20 bill to pick up a quarter? Hell no but I’m enjoying watching others do it.


  11. Amnesty for the dreamers? How about charging their parents with human trafficking for bringing their children into the US illegally?

  12. Page O Turner — Maybe you and I should have our DNA tested. I think we have a common parentage.

    Well done.

    I honestly do not understand the renting of clothes and gnashing of teeth going on by conservatives over this. It seems like a colossal failure of imagination, and a fundamental failure of understanding what Trump has been doing for the past year in so many other areas of gov’t.

  13. Fur, you wrote:
    “I like Don Surber, but I don’t need style, innovation and command over substance. DACA can end the Trump presidency if it goes badly. These are tense times. I have faith in the president, but this cannot end in any amnesty, no matter what we get in return.”

    You’ve got very good instincts about politics. Forget what Don Surber says, based on everything you’ve seen Trump do in the past year, what do you see?

  14. @Marco January 10, 2018 at 6:49 am

    > All that anyone needs to know is that DACA is unconstitutional. If it can’t be properly addressed by Congress

    If it can be “addressed” by Congress, the Constitution does not matter. This argument means that “illegal alien” is actually exactly the same as “differently documented citizen”. If The Law™ is “subject to change without notice”, then there is no law. If attacks under color of law are “random” prosecutorial discretion, then there is no Rule of Law™.

  15. @Page O Turner

    Excellent. Now explain DAVOS. The viper pit of world domination by progressives.

    For some reason, I feel like President Trump is going in that snake pit, as a super mongoose, to kick butt and disrupt that most secretive world domination group, and totally expose their agenda.

  16. Anonymous: DACA has been found to be unconstitutional by several courts. Obama admitted that only Congress has the constitutional authority to determine citizenship. Obama changed the law without authority to do so, setting up this dispute for the 2016 election cycle. DACA was designed by the Democrats to continue to flood this country with more illegal aliens and future generations of grateful Democrats. They just assumed that Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would be in office to insure that DACA got confirmed with legislation in a compliant Congress.

  17. I’m afraid Trump! will not fulfill His promises on immigration.

    Should this happen, I’m afraid that the rabid Trump! supporters will spin it as a positive for Trump!, like the Perotistas (Perot-bots) did whenever Perot said something crazy.

    I heard a caller into a radio talk show say that Trump! really didn’t mean some of the disturbing things He has said about immigration. I shouted at the radio, “When has Trump! EVER said anything He didn’t mean?” I personally love how Trump! says and tweets exactly what he thinks without being politic or diplomatic or politically correct (or even tactful).

    With Ann Coulter daily tweeting ZERO progress on the wall, I wonder if she still trusts in Trump? Will she publish a new book?

  18. When fishing, it’s best to be patient and tolerant of the smelly bait that got all over your fingers. Bottom feeders love that stinky.

  19. Why would the captain make us lick our fingers?

    For those of you that’s light is not coming on yet think of it this way, yesterday Trump was a giant Exlax pill.

  20. I understand both sides to this – the doubters and the faithful. I stand somewhere in between. I will never have total faith in any man other than Jesus. Neither will I turn away from someone who has given our country a reason to be hopeful again.

    The problem for me is that I have been let down by many leaders (politics, religious, work-related, personal) in my life, that I will not let my reservations be ignored. If I have a feeling of “Oh, no. Don’t let it be what I’m thinking”, I will not brush it aside trying to stay positive that the outcome I was promised will come to pass.

    I will still support President Trump and hope and pray for the best. And I mean PRAY. I pray that God blesses President Trump and all his people that he depends on. I pray that God will continue to heal and bless this country and that he will bring out the truth to the light of day.

  21. If were going to get DACA…

    We should get darn near everything in return:
    -10 year “good conduct” probation/deportation
    -No voting
    -No welfare
    -English proficiency exam every 2 years (other countries have this)
    -A Wall
    -Elimination of: anchor babies, racial lottery, and future amnesty
    -Felony & punishment for returning illegals
    -NO emergency refugees: Haiti, El Salvador. There is a hemispherical disaster, they go to Argentina, not here

    ….and a whole bunch of stuff I probably didn’t think of.

  22. The number thrown around is 18 million. I find it hard to believe that many illegals were born here, so if it’s not it means family members are included in the numbers allowed to stay and that equals amnesty.

  23. Claudia — Thanks for that comment. No one should put their full faith and confidence in men/women, they will always disappoint. And to what degree they disappoint, I think, is tied directly to our confirmation bias; if we look for it, we’ll always find proof, one way or another.

    I believe God heard our prayers and gave us an imperfect man, but I’m like you, I continue to give thanks to to pray. 🙂

  24. Mithrandir, Also, charge the parents of Dreamers with human trafficking, which is illegally bringing minors into the country.

  25. @Marco January 10, 2018 at 10:44 am

    If DACA is against the Constitution, then the only way to “address” the issue is a Constitutional amendment. That is a state by state issue. Not a federal Congressional issue.

    If Congress can “address” Constitutional issues, then there is no Constitutional sovereignty.

    One can not logically argue for both.

  26. @Page O Turner January 10, 2018 at 9:40 am

    > they’re showing themselves as obstructionists who can’t govern, don’t care about the American people’s best interests and can’t even do a deal for a handful of illegals so what good are they?

    After more than fifty years — that’s way back in your grand- (perhaps great-grand-) parents’ time — how can you even lie to yourself that that is not exactly what the voters want? After the second, eighth… fiftieth anniversary, of a man waking up twice every single weekend in a bed full of strange — and strangely oily — men, when do you believe he really is gay? I’m not saying you have to applaud it. I’m not saying you have to chastise it. But when do you stop telling everyone — including yourself — that if you just lecture him that he’s straight, one more time, that he’s going to stop, try and “make amends” for all the other times, get a second job to pay for all the damages, and do everything in his power to be sure nobody does what he’s been enjoying, ever again?

  27. geeknerd — This is what has been achieved toward starting the build on the border wall:

    1/25/17 – Trump issued orders for DHS to develop an RFP to fabricators of various wall designs.

    ~ 3/17 — 180 companies responded to the RFP.

    8/30/17 – 4 companies were chosen to compete.

    10/26/17 – Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Border Patrol, Ron Vitiello unveiled the completed prototypes.

    The prototypes had to cure for about 30 days (depending on weather) before they could start performing attack tests on them. That brings us to the end of Nov, ’17. DHS, I imagine, will not make the details of those tests available because of the obvious sensitivity of the info.

    I think POTUS Trump said he would be visiting the site to see the test results, etc. soon, but I don’t know when.

    If you like listening to stuff about the wall (I do), there’s a couple of good on-site briefings given by Vitiello. He’s really good at explaining, in plain English, what the RFP and resulting prototypes are all about.


  28. Abigail, Trump should use the same technology Israel used, rather than reinventing the wheel, but thanks for the good news.

  29. geeknerd — I think he (DHS) did get info from Israel about their walls — and from other countries, too. But Trump wants this to be American built and there are technologies used in foreign walls that, if used, need to be licensed by American builders, and that process, alone, would have taken a long time to obtain. Additionally, there are newer technologies not employed by some of the older walls in other countries, like Israel, that can/were put to use in our wall prototypes. All in all, I like the process used to get where we are with it, no part skipped over or rushed. What we get in the end should be a very long-term solution. Glad to give you the good news! 🙂

  30. And, geeknerd, one other thing: a big consideration in all this is competition and cost. Trump doesn’t spend like it’s not his money!

  31. AA-
    I used Don Surber’s (who I like very much) article to serve as an example of what I don’t like.
    Yes, I like Trump’s instincts, that having this meeting was a direct response to Wolff’s book and the charges being made that Trump is in the throes of dementia.
    I love how he has a knack for controlling the media… but there were disturbing “signals” at that meeting, policy-wise.
    It’s not enough for me to be enamored with style over substance, not on this one.
    On this issue I am concerned with substance.
    I said I have faith in this president, and I love what he’s done until now and rate him an A.
    But this one is a biggy.
    He wants a wall, that is obvious.
    What’s not obvious, yet, is what he is willing to give to the dems for that wall.
    It could sink Trump if this negotiation goes badly, and then there goes everything else I am looking forward to.
    There are those that will abandon Trump if we get a wall and Trump gives the left 2 dishwashers and a Mexican to be named later.
    And the amount of people peeling from Trump increases the deeper the amnesty goes. (It’s all amnesty, the trade-offs, I don’t care if it is or isn’t, if it’s work Visas, whatever, that’s what concessions will be called and considered, factually or not.)

  32. The current DACA recipients would have zero impact on our election. Of the 790,000 half live in California. (They probably voted last time anyway) The other half are scattered through out the states. If Trump had to give the Dems DACA and got everything else I would call that a big win. He needs Dem votes to move ahead on any legislation. To compound the problem the Fed Budget runs out on the 18th or 19th. That’s not an option with North Korea. If they let the budget expire no more military parts. Period.

  33. Fur, Will you be very surprised if I agree with just about everything you’ve said?

    I’ve thought quite a bit about this and I’m still not going to articulate it very well. I sometimes wonder if those of us who follow politics and political news are too easily stampeded. What I and BB and Page O and some others saw yesterday was just an opening. And here’s where two or more people can see and hear the exact same thing and come to a different conclusion. First off, I did not view the meeting as an elaborate plan to dispel the bad press from Wolfe’s book, although that was a happy coincidence. I don’t think Trump gives a f*** (his words, not mine) about Wolfe or his 15 mins. of fame. Did Trump even tweet about it?
    Second, I saw Trump doing exactly what he writes about in “Art of the Deal.” He surrounded himself with every self-important voice in favor of DACA — physically surrounded himself with them. And then the old joke about having them surrounded came to mind. Having practical and not insignificant experience myself with high stakes negotiation, I saw a master class in negotiating unfold and it was pretty cool. (I don’t want to bore you with the details, but I’ll be glad to step you through if interested.)

    And here’s something else that I wish people would add to their calculations as they analyze Trump’s talks with DACA defenders: As superbly suited as Trump is to tackle this — and I honestly cannot think of none better — he also vowed to run this gov’t constitutionally. He has the unenviable task of trying to keep two, nearly equal, campaign promises that, sad to say for Conservative Utopianists, are working against each other. Yeah, I know that DACA is unconstitutional, and what I said doesn’t seem to make sense, but as long as there is a 9th Circuit and Hawai’in judges, Trump cannot just order ICE to round up the DACAs and bus them out of the country. (And doesn’t he get any credit for cancelling the special status for those El Salvador cheaters?)

    All to say: There will definitely be concessions, but I’ll be shocked if they are significant enough in the end to call Trump a liar or a scoundrel on the issue. Just think about it. The D’s are nowhere close to operating from a position of strength. If Trump wanted to — and I think he’s come very close — he could come right out and tell the D’s to pound sand for the duration. Some conservatives would like that take no prisoners approach, but it’s pretty politically stupid and inelegant. All you get for that is a more dug-in opposition. And as much as we like to watch the D’s go insane, it’s better for the country if Trump can get them to view solutions through the lens of common sense. And the only way that’s going to happen is if he can convince them he’s taking them seriously. That’s the reality of of the situation. The D party and its congressional members are not going to go away or suddenly change on their own.

  34. If WE are confused by POTUS Trump, how do you think the globalist leftards are feeling? There were several times in the last year I thought we were going to be betrayed again, but it turned out POTUS was playing the cards exactly right and I breathed a sigh of relief, and thought to myself, “I shouldn’t have doubted him.” I’m going to give him more time before I get into a conniption. I think he’ll do the right thing. Still, trust but verify.

  35. @AbigailAdams – I agree on the DNA testing. I read your posts and marvel at your superior intellect! Maybe we’re BOTH stable geniuses!

    You’re in my prayers!

  36. AA
    “he could come right out and tell the D’s to pound sand for the duration. Some conservatives would like that take no prisoners approach”

    Exactly. Well stated. And I think that’s what some so called “Conservatives” are after. So what does that look like? 3 to 7 more years of stalemate. Nothing gets achieved. And mean while guess what. The illegals continue to poor in here. It’s not that hard to figure out. Trumps right on the money. As far as I’m concerned what he did yesterday was one of his biggest moments.

  37. I recall many times where Trump – during the campaign – said he was conflicted over DACA. He had no conflicts over DAPA – their parents. He has not suggested that Congress try to create legislation to legalize any foreigner who came illegally or illegally overstayed their visa.

    Keep this in mind as you discuss Trump’s campaign promises. I clearly remember rallies where he signaled DACA is tough for him and he “has a big heart”.

    I do not see giving work permits to a small group of assimilated illegal as a betrayal so long as the wall, chain migration and an end to the lottery and BB has a good point – half of them are in California anyway.

  38. Page O Turner — I really think we are!! Sisters from a different Mr.!! LOL! Every time you comment I think, “Dang, I could have written that! Page O just saved me a lot of time and a whole lot of superfluous words!”

  39. AA-
    Keep in mind that I haven’t offered my opinion on what I think should happen with DACA. My opinion doesn’t matter.
    I am concerned with what can happen to this presidency if the “give no quarter” crowd feels slighted by 1 degree.
    I live through a period where the ball move constantly leftward for a very long time.
    I thank God for president Trump, I don’t want to see him kneecapped by people who don’t GAS about the reality of what can and can’t be done.
    We saw it with the ACA, where it couldn’t legally be repealed, but the people didn’t care. They wanted it repealed.
    The ball is moving right and that’s enough for me to thank our lucky stars for PDJT.

    I will be biting my nails over this.

  40. Fur, my friend, don’t bite your nails and try not to lose any peace of mind over this.

    You said, “I am concerned with what can happen to this presidency if the “give no quarter” crowd feels slighted by 1 degree.”

    It’s already happening on a daily basis, isn’t it? If you look at BadBlue, for example, at least half of the headlines are Trump-negative. And those are from self-declared, conservative writers! I give those anti-Trump, #NeverTrump folks a ‘D’ for ‘Dumbbells’. So, I can see why you’re nervous about all this. Any apparent concessions by Trump in exchange for smooth sailing on chain migration, the wall, etc. will be viewed by the #NT as a failed presidency, and you’ve worked very hard here to discredit those apes. Next thing you know they’ll be calling us all appeasers — like they really knew Chamberlain personally. LOL

    The only thing to be done is to meet their “told ya so” head-on with facts. It won’t hurt to point out their dopey, childish, utopian perfectionism, either.

  41. Page O — You’re right — so not surprised. 😉 I forgot. Trump was very honest about his DACA conflict during the campaign. I know this worried a lot of people, too. But here’s the thing: If Trump’s DHS can cull the bad apples from that group — and it sounds like there are many — and show them the door, and get the wall, end chain migration, and probably throw in ending the anchor baby problem….I’d consider that a solid win. Add to that having ICE home in on sanctuary illegals (and those who protect them) and an end to ME “refugees”, it’ll be 180 degrees out from what Killery would have given us.

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