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I’m Confused


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  1. Well, when Barry says “If you see something, say something” he is referring to kids snitching on their parents for being climate deniers or calling the FBI when they see a Tea Party member handing out copies of the Constitution. That is what he wants reported.

  2. Press 0 to get an operator who might actually speak English, and you’ll probably be connected to an operator who speaks broken English from a call center in India or Bangladesh or some other third world shit hole. And good luck! Do they have call centers in Chicago or Detroit or Compton etc. by any chance? It’d probably be called the Dindu Nuffin Shuck and Jive Center for the understanding of racial relationships and the promotion of the black Islamic worldview and muslim understanding. Call 1-800-745-8433 (shithed).

  3. The silent majority is going to win this one and go all the way to the white hut, which will immediately be redecorated without the rainbows and unicorns and socialists and you know what I mean.

  4. I’m breathless just waiting for the scum in the white hut to be handcuffed and led away.

    Lindsay Goober Graham was one of the votes to confirm Loretta Lynch Mob.

  5. The meaning is very clear. What he means is please, please, please say something, anything so that we can prosecute you enemies of my people to the full extent of my malicious hatred!

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