Lindsay Graham Says Conservative Voters Have an Irrational Hatred of Obama – IOTW Report

Lindsay Graham Says Conservative Voters Have an Irrational Hatred of Obama

Graham comes to the aid of Obama, saying that his constituency has a visceral dislike for Obama that is irrational.

When is he going to come out of the closet? The Democrat closet.


30 Comments on Lindsay Graham Says Conservative Voters Have an Irrational Hatred of Obama

  1. Lindsay…hmm…they could have used him/her/it as the significant other to the SNL character Pat and no one would have batted an eye.

  2. Oh it’s visceral. But I can detail exactly why, and how I’ve seen through his BS since 2007.
    Hope and Change. What a wonderful, Utopian idea. Let’s just let the guy who came up with that phrase do whatever he wants. No need to think for ourselves ever again.

  3. Just watching the country I risked my life for being destroyed by that mincing shithead just brings up the ugly side of me I guess.

  4. What is this about? Trying to add some democrats so your poll number rises to 1%? LMAO Racists and birthers. Holy shit. Come up with something new already. Hillary invented that birther angle a long time ago and she still lost. LOL.
    Oh btw, I hate you and 0bama both equally. Am I still racist?

  5. Psst, Lindsey, it’s not racism. I also don’t like you very much.
    It’s not an irrational loathing of the two of ya. Get a room for gosh sake.

  6. Flaming ‘mo-‘mo’s like Linseed?! I’d prefer he stay IN the closet! More time with the brooms and LESS time with the news cameras!!!

  7. Obamacare. Gulf oil spill. Federal credit downgrade. Non-starter stimulus plan. Benghazi. Lax border enforcement. Emasculation of armed forces and LEO. Bergdahl. Fast and Furious. IRS. Israel. Climate change. Jobs. Attack on free speech. Pen and phone. Cleans up after Bo and Sunny with copies of the Constitution. Gauche FLOTUS.

    I find my contempt for Obama quite rational.

  8. Soooooooo … now it’s irrational to hate the lying, thieving, traitorous, marxist, moslem cocksucker who’s destroying my country?

    Why is that, Sen. Graham? For whom should I reserve my hate?

  9. It’s visceral for 0bama’s white commie half, and just normal disgust for hateful black ” Frank Marshall Davis” half.

  10. Mark Levin has this guy pegged. Graham is not interested in the Presidency, he doesn’t have a moths chance in a flame. His intent is to damage Trump and Cruz and keep the old boy republicans or demorats in power. He’s a phucking traitor.

  11. Yooo hooo, Linthey, we hate his treason, deception, dishonesty, associates, policies, lack if respect for the office, and his subversive efforts to turn America into a muslim country as he bankrupts us.

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