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Inconvenient Covid Headline Edited Quickly

Too much truth, and that’s no good-

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  1. “Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated, but it doesn’t mean the shots don’t work: experts”

    How fucking stupid or ideologically blind do you have to be in order to write a sentence like that?

  2. The probable reality is that the “vaccinated” are going to the hospital because of the jab. Not that I doubt that the jabbed can catch a cold or flu……


  3. Researchers are investigating the possibility that unconscious vax doubts – dubbed “microvaxphobia” by experts – increases susceptibility to the omicron variant in those who have been vaccinated.

  4. LBS,

    I’m going KC over Denver, I don’t see them loosing 2 in a row and they can handle the cold in Denver.
    I don’t know why, but I think the Eagles beat Coach Jerry Jones & his Clip Board Holder, Who ever that is today.

    Cheers (coffee)

  5. Deplorable Second Class – I’m more inclined to believe that God didn’t make any manuals cuz he knew Man wouldn’t read them!

  6. For What It is worth:

    Canadian TV is now nothing but Depressing Covid News, SJW Stories, Cancelled sports events with Re-Runs of Previous Victories, & Political Crap. If there are sports, they are to completely empty venues. The World Junior Hockey Tourney was completely Cancelled. D E P R E S S I N G !

    On the “Merican” Channels I get College Football, Go Georgia!
    I also get NFL, NHL Hockey to what looks like 50% capacity, Some relatively new TV shows, and I can skip the news easily. Sometimes I quickly visit CNN to see how much Trump is living in their brains.

    CTV News is the second worse offender. You would expect them to Compete against CBC (Canuckistan Broadcastin Corp.) but they don’t because Turdeau literally shoved MILLIONS into their accounts to “Combat false News”

    Time to change the Flag (which shall never again flu at my house) to RED & YELLOW.

  7. I am amazed that they’re still counting vaxxed versus unvaxxed. And whatever happened to the term “breakthrough cases”?

  8. LOL! They had to put that last bit in “doesn’t mean they don’t work.” Well it’s obvious they aren’t working if the vaxxed is getting sick and dropping dead. They must really think we’re morons out here. Met another lady yesterday whose husband dropped dead after getting the jab.
    No one will ever pay for this in our lifetime. However, I’m comforted in knowing they still have to face God. I’m more aware of God’s wrath on the wicked. Sucks to be them.

  9. Looks like they’re using the same kind of statistical interpretation used when someone points out that most people in prison for violent crimes are black… It’s ‘cuz o’ whypeepo!!! In this case it’s because the unvaccinated infected the vaccinated!!! My soience and loigic cannot be denied!!!

  10. Cheers to all healthcare providers who walked after obozo shit the bed !!!!

    All the young-uns who play the game to pay off their massive student debt should demand biden* forgive it. And then quit working for those criminally deceitful hospitals that obola built.


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