It’s Chris Matthews’ Turn To Face The Sexual Harassment Inquisition

The Daily Caller has interviewed a number of staff and producers who have worked with Hardball’s Chris Matthews over the years who have stated that the host of the MSNBC program maintains an abusive and sexist work environment.  More

14 Comments on It’s Chris Matthews’ Turn To Face The Sexual Harassment Inquisition

  1. Bedwetting, fawning boot-licker should be facing criminal charges from what I’ve read. Lets see how much his leg tingles when cellmate finds out he’s a child molester as well.

  2. he may as well quit now because there are yards and yards of taped evidence that aired on nat’l tee vee. Just YT “Chris Matthews Erin Burnett” and watch him, for example.

  3. The women objected the most to having to wear the Obama mask. It was too tight fitting and rather suffocating

  4. That photo is wrong in so many ways, the head is just floating in space, but the comb-over is nicely lit, a hand comes out of nowhere, grabs his marionette like chin and holds on… he’s an an old fool trying for that 1938 William Powell look.


  5. If his son is any reflection of his character, or lack thereof, this jackass is a complete 2 generational Clownfart…. and trust me when I tell ya, I’m being real generous here cuz I know nuthin of Tim’s old man!

  6. This is proof that sexual harassment is really about power and humiliation. No woman, no matter how hot, could ever give him the thrill up his leg that B. Hussein Obama gives him.

  7. L’il boys?

    Can’t imagine what he’d want to fuck (outside of Obola, of course).

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I don’t watch MSNBC, I think that’s the channel he’s on, but hearing of his demise would make 2018 a Happy New Year.

  9. Proof of Leftist Hypocrisy: the Left claims they are the party of Feminism and that the Right is conducting a so-called War On Women.

    But as per usual, it is Left-wing Projection going on here. After all, the fact is that 95% of all the recently-exposed sexists & rapists are from the Left.

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