Trump: ‘No More’ Aid to Pakistan, ‘They Have Given Us Nothing but Lies and Deceit’.

Breitbart: President Donald Trump lashed out at Pakistan on Twitter just a few minutes past 7:00 a.m. Eastern time on New Year’s Day, expressing frustration at Islamabad’s inadequate efforts against terrorism and implying that U.S. foreign aid will be terminated as a result.

It is not yet clear whether the “no more” exclamation means the complete or partial termination, or temporary suspension, of American aid to Pakistan.


If the complete termination of U.S. foreign aid does indeed become official policy, it would be a far more dramatic step than withholding all or part of America’s $255 million in military assistance to Pakistan, a measure reportedly under consideration by the administration over the past few days after Pakistan refused to allow U.S. interrogators access to a captured terrorist from the hostage-taking Haqqani network.

In August, President Trump said the “next pillar” of his strategy for battling terrorism would involve a “change in our approach to Pakistan.”

Trump accused Pakistan of giving “safe haven to agents of chaos, violence, and terror.”

“We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe havens for terrorist organizations, the Taliban and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond,” the president said. ”These killers need to know they have nowhere to hide – that no place is beyond the reach of American arms.


23 Comments on Trump: ‘No More’ Aid to Pakistan, ‘They Have Given Us Nothing but Lies and Deceit’.

  1. Pakistan has “given us nothing but lies and deceit”?
    Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! This is my flabbergasted face.

    Come to think of it, I imagine you could count the countries that get U.S. foreign aid that don’t lie and deceive on the fingers of one hand, and that hand is mutilated after being repeatedly bitten by those it feeds.

  2. Utterly amazing how much money we borrow from China to give to miscreants like Pakistan, so-called Palestinian cruds, and other various and assorted misbehaving 3rd, 2nd and 1st world crap holes!

  3. My son’s first engagement in Afghanistan was emergency support for a spec op team in trouble. The snipers told him they could clearly see their adversaries were wearing uniforms, body armor and helmets while executing an attack demonstrating a sound knowledge of infantry tactics. Three guesses who this might have been (hint it was near the Pak border).

    Too bad /sarc there was too little left to ID after the boy called in a 500 lb. jdam on ’em danger close.

  4. Since lies and deceit have become the criteria for not funding 3rd world anti-democracy shit holes, we must again cut payments to Palestinians, the UN and many other countries. Starting now.

  5. And next on the agenda, cut off all aid for the rest of the UN welfare whores. Lets see how much the Germans and their pals in Brussels like picking up the tab for people who hate us anyway.

  6. I known a young Pakistani kid. Hes very angry, hates the President, and has had a history of emotional issues that make me scratch my head. I talk to him and give him a refutation of his one sides Paki tv news propaganda ad he gets flumoxed and mad very easily.

    He is baffled everytime I remind him Trump has only been involved for 11 months and hes only one man. All of these horrible things he complains about have been going on loooooong before Trump, he gets even angrier… Lol. I enjoy it

  7. Pakistan heads the list of taqiyya deceivers…especially since the Pakistani government knew for years that Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in Abbottabad.

    Obama and Valerie Jarrett both did not want OBL killed; Ofucknuts was playing golf at the time — Thank God that the USA has survived the treasonous Obama years. Thank God for President Trump, his strength and his clarity of thought and action.

  8. @Mike Brown American Hero, you know the FBI’s anti terrorism campaign “See Something, Say Something”. You might want to alert your local field office to the Paki malcontent. Just sayin’

  9. We support HAMAS and PAKISTAN and pretty much every America-hating scumbag on the planet.

    Everyone hates us. We buy their friendship.

  10. Happy new year
    One by one of the enemies of the USA your numbers are coming. Is a new sheriff in town and the old way that business us down no more . You aren’t dealing with the Muslim from 2009 to 2016

  11. Even after the rats run scurrying from the State Department ship, we still have almost 30K “diplomats” left over. What for? Trump just “explained” it. ….Lady in Red

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