It’s This Great Man


Read about an aspect of his life that has been largely overlooked by the MSM, probably because it portrays him in a light much different than Barack “I am not my brother’s keeper” Obama.

  • Republican conservative Ted Cruz has written about how his sister Miriam died of a drug overdose after a life of crime
  • Cruz, who is running for the White House and has published a new memoir which discusses her death in 2012 aged 49
  • Daily Mail Online has pieced together full story of how she divorced her felon husband, then suffered a car crash and became addicted to painkillers
  • She turned to shoplifting and had a lengthy criminal file when she died in Darby, PA, from an accidental overdose 
  • Cruz reveals that he paid for military school for her son despite being deep in debt himself and praises young man for making life for himself  




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  1. I got it. I recognized Lil’ Baby Ted. Not sure without being able to see it again on this page, but it was either the nose or mouth, or both together…

  2. Amazing. This is the first time I got one right. And I agree with the others – it was the eyes.

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