Judicial Watch Has Caught Hillary Lying About Benghazi and It Goes All the Way To Obama, But Nobody Cares

Because the confederate flag.

Yid With Lid-

Judicial Watch released a new set of State Department documents indicating that the instructions to fraudulently blame the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi on a lousy YouTube Mohammed video came from Hillary but was approved by the White House. The new documents were forced from the U.S. State Department under court order in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01511)).


14 Comments on Judicial Watch Has Caught Hillary Lying About Benghazi and It Goes All the Way To Obama, But Nobody Cares

  1. Welcome to the Øbamboozler’s new Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing control where the ginned-up, pretzel-logic of Marxist utopia will mandate everything “good” for you to know, delivered to us by the Knee-Pad media who, of course, is just there for our own protection!
    Please pass the Vodka!

  2. I guess the Bitch of Benghazi will have to do another campaign relaunch in August after she hides out all July. Maybe Alcatraz Island instead of Roosevelt Island this time.

    I predict she will be made President, and it will come down to a John Roberts vote in the Supreme Court.

  3. Good, but depressing article.

    This is quite unbelievable…
    “…it will be important to emphasize the need to respond in a way that is consistent with Islamic principles, i.e. not engaging in violence and taking innocent life…”

  4. Why isn’t “deceiving your sovereign” a capital offense of Treason in this country, when it is in every other country for all time?

    We really need to Wake the Fuck Up and Take Our Country Back!

  5. Calling both of these cocksuckers, dirtbags, is demeaning to dirtbags everywhere.

    Maybe Issa can hold another hearing.

    I’d like to believe that had this happened long about 1800, Hamilton would be advancing on the WH, armed and ready to end this nightmare.

    Now? He’s spinning in his grave. Crying too.

  6. now wouldn’t that be like hiring Jamie GoreLick (who rewrote Clintoon’s Inter-Agency Guidelines for Communication for the FBI and CIA) to the WTF Just Happened to the Inter-Agency Guidelines for Communication for the FBI and CIA, and how to fix it, committee?

  7. I can only pray and trust that the constant drip, drip, drip of scandal and sleaze will finally cause the dam to burst until even more of the mainstream media will have the scales fall from their eyes to see the truth of the disaster their support has helped create. Then they will help defeat the evil (and not just Hillary) in our midst.

  8. Hamilton? Seriously? That authoritarian big-govt asshole would have been asking for pointers on how to get away with that kind of crap. I wish Burr had taken care of him before the Philadelphia convention.

  9. It isn’t that nobody cares, it’s that everyone who does care has hated her guts all along, and everyone who supports her have been going “La-la-la, we can’t hear you!” for so long they’re hoarse.

  10. I disagree that no one cares. Have you ever met a person that, when they’re furious, they get real quiet? yeah.
    Americans have been ridiculed, lied to, unfairly taxed, had their rights discarded, and killed. then laughed at.

    I’d say that before long, this discussion will move from the realm of politics into the realm of force and no one fights like a righteous American, well and truly angered.

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