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Jamie Lissow

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  1. Thanks Fur, he’s divorced now so his routine is much more free spirited.

    On Gutfeld he has mastered a certain clueless look but I actually think it’s because his eyesight is so bad.

  2. Speaking of Gutfeld, the other day I posted that I would wager a hundred grand that Tom Shillue would do his rendition of biden* peeving through a window.

    Ahem, at 8:22 PM EST on Gutfeld he just did exactly that…


  3. 6:45 am and this is one of the first things I see this morning. Very funny! Good to start the day with a laugh.
    This is going right out to my friend and her husband. She’s a crafter, although she makes useful things like quilts.

  4. Jamie Lissow is the best thing to ever happen to the Gutfeld show. Greg constantly tries to denigrate him about his divorce and Alaska, but Jamie easily shrugs it off and fires back comedic salvos that Greg cannot defend against. I would support having him on the show EVERY night, but poor Greg would not be able to handle being upstaged that often. He would be a fantastic permanent replacement for Tyrus, who is an angry bigot and makes every issue into a racial one. He is a wet blanket and dead weight that completely kills the mood of the show.


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