Katie Hobbs Played the Twitter Censorship Card in Arizona Against Kari Lake – IOTW Report

Katie Hobbs Played the Twitter Censorship Card in Arizona Against Kari Lake


Arizona Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs is facing backlash as proof that her office requested for certain tweets to be censored came out of Elon Musk’s release of the “Twitter Files,” the internal documents showing collusion between government officials, campaign teams, and other like actors with the social media giant to silence political dissent. More

14 Comments on Katie Hobbs Played the Twitter Censorship Card in Arizona Against Kari Lake

  1. We officially have a two-tiered justice system in the USA. Democrats can and do get away with anything they want, while conservatives go to prison for imaginary crimes such as the Jan 6th fiasco.
    It’s ok though, we write angry comments (like this one) and do funny meme’s.
    I used to think our military had our backs, like the army in Brazil seems to be doing. I guess not.

  2. Liberals are coming from a place of sheer terror, and not just from losing and election here and there. They are terrified of climate change, rising oceans, huge asteroids slamming into earth, covid, monkeypox, and Russia. And most of all – death. They have zero belief or faith in God, so their terror level is sky-high.

    Hobbs is probably afraid that if Kari Lake were elected, life on earth will end in a few years with no curbs on fossil fuel emissions. Living in Arizona’s heat with global warming – she likely has nightmares about being burnt to a crisp. Poor dumb thing!

  3. TonyR/Doc

    Nothing holding us in Cali anymore since the mother in law
    passed. Az was the destination of choice for moving us and our biz to. Might as well stay put now.

  4. Katie’s new nickname here is Cheatie Cunt Hobbs 😁

    We are soooo pissed here in Arizona 🤬

    If there is another lockdown she’ll be another Whitmore.
    Button down the hatches folk’s it’s going to be a bumpy ride 😩

  5. The desert Barbie. With her lovely nails on chalkboard voice. Her threats to have the election watchers arrested & jailed if she didn’t get her way. Whitmer much, bitch? At least Uncle Fetterman went to one debate, you could not be bothered for that. It will be interesting & sad to see how quickly Arizona becomes a failed state under your genius leadership. You will make the husk so proud.

  6. The police chief in the prior thread gets canned for just flashing her card. And this wantabe governor gets away with in your face cheat?
    73% R vote (their numbers), and somehow they pull that off.

  7. So who keeps “thumbs upping” the trolls?^^^i say “trolls”, but it’s just one who keeps changing her name.


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